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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages on your device.

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Check out the FAQ before posting! Keeps more common questions answered in one place!

You can find the full list of credits here

Also thanks to:Source
Please visit here for the rom source code.
Kernel source can be found here

Known Issues
  1. Limited photo resolution for rear cam snap
  2. 2 cards in mass storage...
  3. GPS ( WIFI Geolocation is OK )

Features: here
Rom changelog here

KOR KERNEL:!QANFjQyB!f695gz...fi6ThYgz1ryBLg (Experimental)
Gapps: here

Old builds:
Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.2.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140121-0903 : INT KERNEL!YI0CDQhC!ZP8A4j...-EZG_eviwBh9Ug
Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.9-UNOFFICIAL-20131223-1727 : INT KERNEL
Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.6-UNOFFICIAL-20131213-1549 : INT KERNEL
Slim-venturi-4.4.1.beta.1.4-UNOFFICIAL-20131211-1326 : INT KERNEL
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13th December 2013, 07:17 PM |#2  
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Installation Instructions
Comming from a Pre "Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.7-UNOFFICIAL-20131221-1839" ROM
  1. Do a back up!
  2. Do factory reset/ wipe (incl. /system)
  3. In recovery: flash ROM zip file. (You WILL get an assert error!)
  4. Read the warning on the screen.
  5. Flash the ROM again!
  6. If you have and international device flash the INT Kernel from the OP.
  7. Flash Gapps
  8. Reboot.

Comming from "Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.7-UNOFFICIAL-20131221-1839" ROM or later
  1. Do a back up!
  2. Do factory reset/ wipe (incl. /system)
  3. In recovery: flash ROM zip file.
  4. Ignore the warning on the screen.
  5. If you have and international device flash the INT Kernel from the OP.
  6. Flash Gapps
  7. Reboot.
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13th December 2013, 07:18 PM |#3  
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Info 2 Change Log:

NOTE: All future changelogs will be attached below!

Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.7-UNOFFICIAL-20131221-1839 --> Slim-venturi-4.4.2.beta.1.9-UNOFFICIAL-20131223-1727 changes:

  • 2013-12-22: systemUI: fix notification dissapearing during recreation and possible <@Lars Greiss>
    app crashes due that binded notifications are not there anymore
    as well small cleanup
    Change-Id: Ieed143088a55693fc56e6526e6b349d72b7b25cc
  • 2013-12-22: Merge "fb: use SlimActions for torch tile and send as qualified user" into kk4.4 <@Gerrit Code Review>
  • 2013-12-22: Merge "fb: lock statusbar recreation and release after ticker is done" into kk4.4 <@Gerrit Code Review>
  • 2013-12-22: fb: use SlimActions for torch tile and send as qualified user <@Lars Greiss>
    the broadcast and do not collape the panel bar
    as well send with qualified user the IME switcher broadcast.
    Change-Id: Ibad8b4f908e6d701999712f58b9996cd7a805fc4
  • 2013-12-21: fb: lock statusbar recreation and release after ticker is done <@Lars Greiss>
    In rare cases it happens that the ticker call just happened and a recreation
    was called which results in a crah due of the missing binder.
    To avoid it lock the recreation when a ticker call is in progress
    and release it after it is done and notify the recreation to go ahead
    Change-Id: Iedbf858bdb2ac2ad97563e344a571b384e17cfc7
  • 2013-12-21: trds:[framework] dark images adjustments <@kroz>
    Change-Id: Ie038c4a1aa535708c23f099fb5e836407e3d1603
  • 2013-12-22: TrueView Returns! <@Gerrit Code Review>
    This adds the ability to view the complete sensor frame image
    rather than the cropped preview used by AOSP to fill the entire
    Change-Id: I79b14a165c66fa4f8b8e43598bd6a80e4de1c08b
  • 2013-12-22: Fix Smart Capture label display <@Lars Greiss>
    Change-Id: Ia3cceda0bf7fec21f2d019f07d416bfe8ebf211d
  • 2013-12-22: Fixes Mako continues focus problem <@Lars Greiss>
    Change-Id: I25187998003d357ec5ed3b10329fb39941f47bea
    Signed-off-by: Josue Rivera <>
  • 2013-12-22: camera: Add ZSL support for Samsung/Qualcomm cameras <@Lars Greiss>
     * Preview management for Samsung/Qualcomm cameras
    Patchset 3: merge conflicts fixed
                build errors fixed
    PatchSet 4: codestyle corrections
    Change-Id: Ib36bd21c9a76b45bced3eee2f25acc35b5d82b30
  • 2013-12-21: Merge "TRDS: Dark InCallUI" into kk4.4 <@Gerrit Code Review>
  • 2013-12-19: TRDS: Dark InCallUI <@kroz>
    - moved into right folder
    - redirect colors of original layout xml
    Change-Id: I5bcfeb692bc4653e240df7c47216826452ee7d47
  • 2013-12-22: Merge "First translation of Settings for KitKat" into kk4.4 <@Gerrit Code Review>
  • 2013-12-18: First translation of Settings for KitKat <@gwindlord>
    "Go To Sleep" paraphrased
    Removed whitespace
    Change-Id: I666cb60da3a0751ba1d4f351c2a46b1b159d9dd3
  • 2013-12-22: Torch: add better error handling and added fallback mechanism <@Lars Greiss>
    The handling of the Torch if an exception occured was very bad and
    it was easy to break:
    - notify the user with toast if the camera interface is not pressent
    - catch the case that sys led controlled devices have wrong permissions
      (eg third party kernel) and torch will completly crash.
      Checking now if sys init is present.......if not successful
      try to switch back to the camera interface.
    - send broadcast change only if the state really switched
    - when error occured turn off the service and the notification
    - cleanup
    - send broadcast with qualified users
    Change-Id: Iabeb3b5f1c17d784a06c154f9a33e8d3d5214b7d
  • 2013-12-21: make torch to a real system app <@Lars Greiss>
    give it the correct permissions to allow to write
    to sys interface with less permissions needed to
    keep security alive
    Thanks Alex for the hint to the hidden API
    and gmillz for the idea
    Change-Id: I44f70bdf3ecfb57ccac85eebe61e57a163bdf501
  • 2013-12-22: push to 1.9 <@Lars Greiss>
    Change-Id: I4c4aab6fbd8440cda3649b1d77351aa0563dd15c
  • 2013-12-22: push to 1.8 for weekly <@Lars Greiss>
    waiting for feedback on last patches then we start jenkins
    Change-Id: I1b8f5dcb6f8620506dfc4399b75c56802a3bd8e1

Older logs:
  • 2013-12-22: clean up: is no longer needed... <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-22: overlay: SlimCenter overlay for ota. <@Meticulus>
    -I've found that with just a few small adjustments you can redirect
    SlimCenter to another url to check for updates.
  • 2013-12-22: overlay: BOARD_USE_LEGACY_TOUCHSCREEN device tree flag. <@Meticulus>
    -Everytime I repo sync my framework base commit to fix the touch screen
    gets wiped out. In order to preserve it, I'm putting it in the overlay.
  • 2013-12-20: ota: testing <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-20: LVMv2: phase out the use of mmcblk0p14 as extra space. <@Meticulus>
    -With the implementation of LVMv2, we don't need to use mmcblk0p14
    (/vendor, /system/vendor) as extra space.
    -mmcblk0p14 is now in the logical volume group "lvpool" along with
    mmcblk0p13 and mmcblk0p16.
  • 2013-12-20: ota: change device name from venturi to YP-G70 <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-20: ota: removed beginning and ending spaces.. <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-20: ota: ota update manifest. <@Meticulus>
    -Initial commit of the ota manifest.
  • 2013-12-19: build type switch. <@Meticulus>
    -Switch from common full tablet to common full hybrid...
  • 2013-12-19: init.venturi.rc: fix a small typo.. <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-19: LVMv2: add lvm services to init.venturi.rc. <@Meticulus>
    -This was left out of my initial commit here:
    -This is absolutly neccessary for LVM...
  • 2013-12-19: twrp: Correct screen resolution. <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-18: LVMv2: initial implementation system(600M) <@Meticulus>
    -Logical Volume Management
    -The YP-G70 only has a 290m /system partition and this is not enough
    to accomodate KitKat + full gapps. So, I'm implementing LVM so that
    we can get dynamic volume resizing without having to change the under-
    lying partitions.
    -Partitions in Logical Group (Aprox 2.1G)
    -- /dev/block/mmcblk0p13 (normally /system)
    -- /dev/block/mmcblk0p16 (normally /data
    -Logical volumes
    -- /dev/lvpool/system (600M)
    -- /dev/lvpool/data (100% remaining, aprox 1.5G)
    -Installation Notes
    --On the first flash, if the system logical volume is not present or
    is less than 600M there is an assert error. This is so that if anyone
    needs to backup information contained in /data, they can. In order to
    proceed with the installation, the zip must be flashed a 2nd time.
    --During the 2nd flash partitions in the logical group are wiped and
    the logical volumes are created and formated then the /etc/fstab and
    /etc/recovery.fstab are switched so that, when we hand everything off
    to the normal rom installer, the new logical volumes are mounted.
    -Reverting to a PRE-LVM ROM
    --In the YP-G70 the "recovery", be it CWM or TWRP and in the kernel's
    recovery-ramdisk. So in order to get a different recovery you just
    flash a different kernel. So to get back to a PRE-LVM ROM, you just:
    1. Reboot to recovery like normal.
    2. Flash your PRE-LVM ROM like normal.
    -- Note: All we really care about at this point is that the kernel
    (boot.img) gets flashed. Ignore any other errors!
    3. After the flash, Power off.
    4. Hold volume up and power on, till you get to recovery.
    5. Full wipe, including /system
    6. Flash ROM + Gapps like normal
    -Future Considerations
    --LVMv2 allows us to quickly change the size of the system partition
    as Android grows in size without having to manually repartition.
    Manually repartitioning might cause unforseen problems with legacy
  • 2013-12-17: recovery init: adb without /system <@Meticulus>
    This allows "adb shell" to function when /system partition is not mounted
    or for any reason /system/bin/sh is unavailable.
    When /system IS mounted then adb uses mksh is used via /system/bin/sh
    When /system IS NOT mounted then adb uses busybox via /sbin/sh
  • 2013-12-14: Removed torch from build. <@Meticulus>
    Torch isn't working at the moment anyways. May readd later!
  • 2013-12-14: twrp: defined custom power key and fixed screen timeout problem. <@Meticulus>
  • 2013-12-14: Initial commit <@Meticulus>
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13th December 2013, 07:18 PM |#4  
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Super mine again!
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13th December 2013, 07:21 PM |#5  
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BAH!! y u release while i'm at work....

Gonna test when i get home....

Flashy flashy, its like Christmas but better! no wrapping paper to clean up or relatives to dispose of.
13th December 2013, 08:14 PM |#6  
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Somehow I knew I would come on today to find KitKat available. Trying it now, will update later.

EDIT: No options for hardware buttons?
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13th December 2013, 09:54 PM |#7  
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Very nice. How did u solve the dalvik cache issue?

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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13th December 2013, 10:00 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by iurnait

Very nice. How did u solve the dalvik cache issue?

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

I didn't really solve it, per say. I put in a cheap hack to change the permission of the directory: in the init.venturi.rc. I'll got some clean up to do, but I'll be pushing my device tree tomorrow and submitting some changes to yours so we can get CM11.
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14th December 2013, 01:47 AM |#9  
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Hello! Thanks for your work! I tested this rom, it's pretty nice. The only bug (except known) is that TWRP is not working on INTL kernel.
14th December 2013, 02:04 AM |#10  
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i'm having problems getting super user access, anyone else got this?
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