Default [Q] Anyone have the Swype apk file from BEFORE they integrated the Dragon software?

I'm looking for the old apk file for Swype. Specifically, from before they integrated Dragon speech recognition software into the app. I purchased the app a few years ago & have used it religiously on every phone I've had since I bought it. Love it! I recently got my new HTC One, went to the Play Store to install Swype on my new phone, & that's when I found out about the upgrade where they integrated Dragon into the Swype app. Now they expect me to pay for the app AGAIN! I don't even care about the Dragon speech recognition. And before anyone says it, I know: the One has a trace keyboard. But plainly put, Swype works better. It's little details, like the spacing rules. No matter what, I never have to go back & add a space, even when I go back & edit what I've written. So if anyone has a copy of the old apk file that they can send me, I'd appreciate it. I'm hoping that I can turn off the auto updates & be able to use it like I used to. I have it on my old HTC Vivid, but the battery no longer takes a charge. Looking for the spare battery that I have for it, but until I find it, the app remains inaccessible on my Vivid. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!