Default "Move to sd card" button gone NOT GREYED OUT

So I recently rooted my galaxy discover s730m. I have a s2x and a tab 2.0 also rooted. The tab has never allowed moving apps to sd, the s2x and the s730m always have. Using root uninstaller I removed a bunch of bloat ware from both, things like yahoo finance, accuweather etc. Nothing critical to the system that I'm aware of. Since doing this on the s730m the move to sd button from within the stock app manager is gone, not greyed out, gone. I''ve tried downloading various app2sd managers, all of which say this function is not supported by your device. The 2.5 gb of usable internal storage on this thing disappears fast so I always used a 32 gb sd card. The card is mounted, all files accessible in a file explorer, all media stored on it shows up in the gallery, music and video player, but i can no longer transfer apps over. Any ideas?

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