Default Gallery not Showing Photos after Clearing Media Storage Data

Media server was eating my battery and beacuse of that I cleared data and force closed media storage and rebooted.
Now the gallery is showing the DCIM in memory card but doesnt show anything else. After a reboot it started showing whatsapp images folder (weird) but still no other pictures and I had many folders like Galaxy Gear folder, a folder for slow motion videos I recorded etc.

Tried clearing media storage data, gallery data, reboot. Still no luck. Downloaded quickpic and everything is showing in quickpic but I want to use the stock gallery. I am so confused right now..

EDIT: HOOAH finally!
Did another media storage clear data + gallery clear data + reboot, I realized scrolling through every photo in a folder in Quickpic made the folder visible in stock Gallery.
I scrolled through all my photos and videos in Quickpic, now they are all visible in Gallery.