Default [Q] Galaxy gear issues: No pictures in gallery, contacts not showing up.

Just picked up the galaxy gear and I have tpo say its an amazing device. But it appears not all the functions of the watch are working properly for me:

Setup: Galaxy S4 running Hyperdrive RLS 11
Kernel: Ktoonz 747 kernel

Issue #1: Apparently when you take a photo with the galaxy gear it is supposed to show up on your gallery in the phone, but mine does not show up. Also, I noticed that when you click on the options menu after taking a picture, you should see "Delete" and "Share" options. I only see "Delete" and the "Share" option is greyed out. Can anyone help with this issue?

Issue #2: Whenever I press "Contacts" on the galaxy gear, either the watch just hangs on "Loading" or i get an error message stating "Unable to refresh this application. Bluetooth has been disconnected." Clearly im connected whn i exit that screen and swipe to my call logs and they show up.

Can someone please help me with these two issues as I cannot find a fix for the life of me. Thanks