Default (WIP) Change DPI / Market Fix

After testing, I realized the fix is not working, and the apps I tried were available the whole time -.-

Going to continue to mess around and see what I can find.

In the mean time, any other app market will have a lot more apps readily available (Amazon Store, Samsung Apps, Etc.)

As you might have noticed, some .apk's don't display properly due to our tiny screen, causing certain things to cut off.
You've probably also noticed there are almost no Apps available in the Play Store due to the device compatibility check.
This means less sideloading

These issues pretty much go hand in hand since the Play Store also takes into consideration the device DPI.

  • A rooted Galaxy Gear
  • Bluetooth tethering configured
DPI Fix:

This app will essentially change the resolution on your gear, allowing a larger work space thus cutting less things off.
I've noticed this does effect device stability depending on the set DPI, 140 seems to work the best.
Currently the app is available for download directly from the Play Store with the Gear.

Resolution Change / DPI

Play Store Fix:
This app will basically spoof your device allowing you to download more apps from the Play Store.
Market Fix

Unfortunately, the "Activate" button is cut off, and we are unable to scroll.

We will temporarily need to change the DPI on the Gear to use the Market Fix (The activate button is cut-off on the current Resolution)
140 is the lowest the app will go, this was perfect, since it shows just enough of the button to click it.

After changing the DPI and rebooting, it should look a little like this

As you can see above, the button should now be visible.
Set all options to the device of your liking, then click activate.
Visit the Dashboard to update your device, and profit!

Hopefully soon we can bake these directly into a ROM, but for now, here you go.

Also, can I have anyone else confirm this method works for them?

I only tested a few apps in the Play Store that weren't previously available (Fruit Ninja/Cut The Rope)
But I'm hoping a lot more are available now.

I also did notice at time's it didn't work correctly, if it doesn't, try different settings.

If it still doesn't work, clearing the Play Store cache might help.