Default Nothing work: Rooting and ADB kindle fire hd 7

I have buyed beginning frebruary a kindle fire hd 7 from amazon and rooted it, works very fine.

Now kindle makes update to 7.4.6 and the kindke is unrootet.

I thought, okay itīs must be easy to unrootet at again, but after 24 hours of frustrating, i need your help.

Iīm mac user, i have dropbox with windows 32 bit, windiws 64 bit, adb driver doesnīt work here, i used over 10 times ago, no drivers works currently.

On the windows 7 64bit laptop, i have installed and uninstalled the drivers 20x times ago and every time i insert usb cable, the kindle works fine on windows, the device manager shows as kindle also i can use explorer to copy or move files from the intern sd card.

But if i activate ADB modus, the kindle is again under the device manager as kindle.

Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v33 doesnīt work, bat said every time demon load on port blabla but there is NOTHING after this message, nothing on the bat file or on the kindle, kindle doesnīt open a backup & restore screen.

The windows laptop said itīs PID 0007 (why??).

Every installation of the driver again (from this topic) said propertly not currelty installed, what is wrong?