Default stock apk?

I hope this is the right section as it is related to development of the stock apk for the t889.

I have decided to get rid of much of the stuff I don't need in a similar fashion to this gent....basically removing all the bs I don't need on my phone.

Now I don't wanna just go removing stuff and I ah a free used of TI backup so I can't freeze and test that way....

SO what id like is a list similar to this for 4.1.2 but more detailed about what does what. I think eventually I want to make my own rom. I have looked at android kitchen...LOL looked at...any way.

This all started when I wanted to remove the Dlna.apk and I was concerned about what it may do... based on this...

I don't think Ill use that service, but I do use the "share" option when I highlight words to define or speek words I don't know how to say. It is ver helpful and something about the ios devices I miss dearly. DOes anyone know if this apk will affect the share option? I am usint ti backup for full backu pat the moment then im gonna delete it reboot and see what happens. If I had cash I would buy TI and freeze it...I guess there is other options too, but I still want to know what these things do..curiosity killed the cat? satisfaction brought it back..

I bet this is kinda "stupid" to most of you and goes unanswered but thats cool.

Merry metal day! i mean christmas.