Default [Q] (Question) alcatel OT idol mini 6012 recovery - noob


I'm Hopsabount from Germany, my english isn't so well.

So, I rooted my Alcatel OT idol mini 6012d with FramaRoot and thought, i made a recovery (just if something doesnt work, like i want or smthng).
I deleted system apps, i dont use and i deleted my Camera App (GENIUS!!). I set the Mobile on factory setting and now my mobile doesnt work well. The home button doesnt work (but its vibrate if I push it) and the Volume keys dont work, too. I tried the recovery, didnt found any recovery.

Now I need your help!

I must recovery my phone, but which recovery is the best and how i play the recovery on the phone (Instruction please )?

Thank you for your attention!!!


Jetzt nochmal auf Deutsch.

o.g. handy innen sand gesetzt -> kein backup gemacht (dachte habs gemacht <.<) -> brauche nun dringends ein backup und eine anleitung bitte Danke für die Aufmerksamkeit