Default Storage not mounted properly.

Hi everyone.

After some snafu while trying to update Gapps to the latest package, which wrecked my phone ;
I re-flashed the ROM (CM11.0 from Maclaw's), doing full wipe of dalvik/cache/data/system. I reinstalled the previously working Gapps package.

Everything is working fine, but the way the storages are mounted is not correct. For instance, Gallery won't display pictures from the external sdcard.
Yet, if I use file manager, I can access it, and all my personal files are still there. When connecting to the PC, internal storage takes me to the actual internal storage being used by the phone but external storage appears empty.

/sdcard points to /storage/emulated/legacy it contains my old files from before flashing anew.
tree of /storage :
------/0 <-- this seems to be the same folder as legacy
------/clockworkmod <-- never mind, it's just there, empty. A remnant of my previous recovery
------/obb <-- empty
---/sdcard0 <-- redirects to /storage/emulated/legacy
---/sdcard1 <-- external sdcard

I hope I'm being clear enough. Basically, external sdcard doesn't seem to get mounted at a correct place which would allow apps to read from it.

While in recovery, if I go to the file manager,
external sd card is mounted in /external_sd
/sdcard is the internal storage
/data/media is the same as /storage/emulated as before. ./0 is populated, ./legacy is not.

So, basically, I should find a way to mount the external card to /data/media right?

Edit : I kept trying stuff. I created a folder from my PC on the apparently empty sd card, and put a photo in it. It displays in the gallery, and the folder is at the root of the sd card, just like every other folder that are not detected by either my phone and PC. The hell is that about?
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