Default help htc one missing os


I'm new to this forum and I need help. I'm not an expert with the whole android rooting and stuff
Few weeks back I updated my rooted HTC one from ARHD 4.3 TO 4.4ARHD
After I updated my phone it took forever to boot up , I went back to the boot loader and saw that I have no os installed.
I rebooted my phone and was taken to the main screen and it was working fine .
But after this update my battery has been acting funny , whenever my phone dies I get this red blinking led and won't turn on so I always have to press the power button and volume down. It would start up after a dew try. This has never happened to me until I updated it.
And I my apps would randomly crash and my phone would lag and hang sometimes and it takes forver to charge .

This is what's on my boot loader:
OPEN DSP-V31.120.274.0617
eMmc-boot 2048mb

Can some one help me? I'm thinking of sending it back to store where I got it and maybe they can fix this but before that I want to make sure that it can be fixed . I'm from Dubai .

Thanks in advance