Default (MOD) Automatically download MMS(Group Messaging and Pictures)

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this really works try it
If you are like me and don't have a good amount of data on your provider than you probably keep your data off for the most part. Unfortunately when someone send you an MMS message you have to turn on data to get it, and half the time you don't know when you recieved an MMS when you have data turned off. With this simply line of code you can now send an MMS with data turned off and it will automatically turn data on when sending and turn it off when it is finished. This also works with recieving MMS. When your messaging app determines someone has sent an MMS message it will turn on data and then turn it off when it is finished downloading.
Must be rooted
File editing application

Go into system/csc/ and look for Feature.xml
Scroll to the bottom and add this line exactly:


After this save your .xml and make sure permissions are set to rw--r--r--.
To test this simply send a group message or picture with your data off and if it sends it worked.

Thanks! Enjoy!

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