Default [Q] Zte v987 bricked, how to fix.

First of all, hello.

Second, let me explain the problem:

I accidentally soft - bricked my ZTE V987.

That would not be a problem if I didn't also lose my ROM backup.

What I did so far while trying to fix it:

1. Tried to re - install Bruno's CWM recovery through SP flash tool - was unable to. SP flash tool enable dram fail error.
2. Found out I needed a preloader.bin, found one that worked (have found few preloader.bin files for v987 but all failed to flash except one) - flashed that.
3. Tried Cwm again - success.
4. Instaled Bruno's 3.0 mod rom through CWM, success, but lost Baseband, IMEI, Serial Number, BT and WIFI MAC Address.
5. Tried installing zte v987 china stock 1.0.1 rom through cwm - success, have baseband, but no IMEI, no Serial Number, BT and WIFI MAC Address.
6. Found about sn write tool, used it to restore IMEI and WIFI MAC address - success, BT & SN - fail: SN says it is written yet it is always displayed as 0123456789ABCDEF, but BT MAC sn write tool always fails with BT DB write fail error.

So, from what I managed to figure out, I need either a full ROM Dump from a working ZTE 987, and a way to insert all these numbers back in, or any other way to fix my phone.

To anyone willing to help, thanks in advance, and if this thread is in wrong subforum I am very sorry.