Smile [Q] How to SAFELY remove bloatware from Galaxy s4 (MF3)?

Given that I bricked my phone after using Titanium Backup and trying to freeze some bloatware (being careful not to delete), I am wondering if there is a way to know exactly which apps are bloatware and which ones and inextricably linked to your phone's system. I have AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, MF3 variety, and I'm currently downloading Odin to help me back my phone back. I wasn't interested in flashing any ROMs since I'm not experienced in that area yet. I just wanted to stop background programs from running, programs that I don't even touch and never will touch. All that AT&T apps I wanted gone in addition to some Samsung mobile print, HP mobile print, etc. Apparently I did something wrong since the phone keeps rebooting and service keeps "stopping" starting a new reboot process. I have my phone backed up on DropSync as well as the fact that I did a backup using Titanium right before I started freezing...

Does anyone have a "freeze/don't freeze" list for the bloatware on the AT&T S4 MF3 specifically? I did find this thread: so I think I'm on the right track but I did notice it was for the ME7 stock, not the MF3 stock. I am looking at the TrulyClean Script as a possibility but I'm gun shy now.