Default [Q][SOLVED] Unlocked phone just keeps rebooting

Hey, I'm not really sure what I've managed to do, so any help is appreciated!

I have a UK Retail motog which I updated OTA to 4.4.2. I've unlocked the bootloader and flashed CWM from this thread:

I managed to mess some things up (can't remember exactly what I did now, I know I know... stupid.)
Anyway when I try to start the phone I get the long warning message about the bootloader being unlocked etc, then the screen goes black and it just reboots, again and again.

What should I do next? I still have access to the bootloader and recovery, so I hopefully all is not lost.

Edit: I should add, I tried to flash back to the stock 4.3 stuff from this thread:
But flashboot gives me an error about partition downgrade. I also tried flashing the system image itself but that didn't fix my problem.

Edit 2: Fixed by following these instructions: