Default [Q] Difference between S4 and S4 Active

I recently purchased the Galaxy S4 Active, and when I was reading about it, it seemed that the specs were basically identical, other than the obvious water proof and gorilla glass, and also the slight camera change to its brother the S4. With that in mind, I was wondering if the ROMs listed as "Galaxy S4 Roms" would work with my S4 Active? I ask because I haven't seen any ROM released specifically for the S4 Active, and I also saw this: which looks pretty interesting. I would love the vanilla google type rom. The only reason I have this instead of a Nexus 5 is because there was a Thanksgiving deal that made the S4 free with a contract, and I didn't have $350 or whatever the Nexus 5 costs. Haha

Sorry if it has been asked before. I've done some googling, but seeing as the names of the phones are so similar it's hard to find good information.

Thanks in advance,