Default Extremely powerful battery saving app!!!

Got frustrated by slow android and is your Android sucking your companion's battery hardly???

Here's the solution for you- The app named GREENIFY (root is required).

Always be happy to see any app which requires phone to be rooted coz it is really going to change your phone's experience...

Greenify help you identify and put the bad behaving apps
into hibernation when you are not using them, stop them
from battery leeching, memory hogging and stealthy
running, in an elegant and unique way! They could do
nothing without your explicit launch, while still have full
functionality when running in foreground. Like what iOS
apps act!
The built-in App Analyzer will analyze and show apps in
your device that keep running persistent services and
those launch itself automatically on a regular basis (when
network connectivity changes, or every time you unlock
your device, install / uninstall / update your apps, etc).

Its worth a try and it has 100% positive feedback till date.

You can grab this smart app for your smarty Android right from here-