Exclamation [Q] Pleaaaaaase need help !!! Galaxy tab doesn't boot in recovery or download mode!!!

I have a galaxy tab gtp1000 that was running a stock rom. Now, when i turn it on, it doesn't boot into the os anymore! it gets stuck on the android boot logo. the computer recognizes it in adb devices, but it is still stuck on the logo. i can't get it to boot in download mode to flash any other rom via odin.
i tried the "adb reboot recovery" command but the tab reboots in normal mode and comes back to the same android logo, and does NOT boot into download mode !!
any thoughts on how to make boot into download mode so i can reflash the rom? or is it possible to just make it boot normally again, if so how ??
Please i need help.. i spent the last 4 hours trying to figure something out ! ...
any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!