Tablet [Q] Nextbook Next2 Wifi

I aquired a Nextbook Next2 that, apparently, someone else has been "playing around with." The original firmware is not installed and now the wifi does not work. My son and I have installed every ROM for a Next2 that is listed in these two threads:

With most of the ROMs everything works except the wireless. The problem: We can turn on the wireless by the "Settings > Wireless and Networking" or by the power control widget. The wireless comes on, says "scanning" and then turns off in a few minutes. Sometimes it displays the SSID of our network. We put in the password and it loads for a while and then it says "out of range" for the network and then disconnects, turning off the wireless.

Doing a little research I suspect that ROMs we are using have some different settings withing wireless files that are causing the problem. Anyone out there who can give us direction on how to find and edit those file? Perhaps it is something else?