Default Tasker profiles for Note 2014

I figured it would be about time we made a thread specifically to discuss profiles that work for the Note 2014.

Note buddy plugin and gmd gesture control.
I use the Note buddy plugin to detect removal and insertion of the spen to pause and unpause the gesture control service since it being on interferes with the pen's usage.

Usb connected/disconnected
I use this to set input box to come up anytime I connect my USB OTG keyboard or disconnect it. This lets me switch to the external keyboard helper so I can use all the nifty shorcuts and such I have mapped to the keyboard.

Wifi near
Trying to use the wifi near ability to automatically connect to my mobile hotspot on my phone anytime it is detected even if already connected to another network. And then exit the profile whenever the hotspot is no longer detected. I am having some trouble getting this one figured out so If anyone knows how to make such a profile work or can figure it out let me know as It would be really useful for me when I am on a crowded wifi and want to switch over to my hotspot.

That's all I have right now. I am going to set up one for using the device as a gps and open maps whenever it detects it has been connected to the hotspot while being bluetoothed to my car's stereo system.

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