Unhappy EMERGENCY help needed for rooting Japanese Digno Dual wx04k impossible

I have the Digno Dual wx04k by Kyocera Japanese Phone running Android 4.1.1 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

This phone from Willcom but has a Softbank USIM (maybe because Softbank owns Willcom)


I've been trying for months to root this phone and to unlock its USIM as well....

But I've failed in all counts... and I need help! I want to root it so I can get rid of its bloatware! (the phone only has 400mb left in NAND out of the box!)
I got so desperate that I bought an unlocked phone to bypass the crappy Digno Dual phone and keep Willcom's cheap contract data plan!
but I was foiled again because I the USIM appears to be blocking the DATA plan because it refuses to work on a different phone even after putting the correct APN from its cursed Digno Dual!

To add insult to injury my willcom phone number is fixed to the Digno Dual! while the USIM provides me with an extra phone number but a blocked Data plan if I swap it into a new unlocked phone!

And if you're wondering yes I've tried all the alternative APN methods from Softbanks Data Plan, MicroSim Plan, MMS, etc but NOTHING works I get no DATA!

I've tried several rooting methods but they've all failed! I get the drivers to work and the adb devices show in cmd... but when the programs run they fail to crack this impenetrable wall that the Digno Dual has!

I've tried installed APK root methods like poot, new methods like Framaroot, experimental methods, even Chinese root unlockers but nothing works!

I suspect the bootloader is locked but I can't even get to the bootloader!

My last hope is to do some hacks through the bootloader but the key combination is either super complex or non existent. I've tried power button+down volume, power button+down volume+home key in a timed sequence, power button+both volume buttons, and all the other combinations that the four buttons plus two volume buttons plus power button can give. All failed to give me the bootloader!

I get to safe mode no problem though but that doesn't help me...

I went to a Willcom store and they didn't even know what APN settings where! I was teaching them how to navigate their own phones it was pathetic!

I need this phone rooted! this phone is probably bootloader locked so I need some magical exploit or trick that will make all my pains disappear...
if this impenetrable fortress cant be broken can you guys at least help me free the USIM Data plan? so I can still use my contract.


Thank you!