Default Returning to Stock

Before everyone goes on to say that I need to read the forums, please understand that I've tried everything I could think of or find in the last week trying to get this thing back to stock.

I was on the leaked 4.3 firmware and the skynote ROM without problems. I tried switching to N3bula and flashing the official 4.3 firmware from Beanstown. I still couldn't get the N3bula ROM past the verizon logo and so i restored my backup from skynote. I (possibly mistakenly) unchecked the option to restore boot.img thinking i wouldn't need it. Everything booted into the backup just fine with the exception of WiFi. I tried rebooting into recovery and I soft bricked.

Things I've done since the brick:
- I used Odin and restored my phone to the root66 ROM (rooted VRALJB) - this allowed my phone to boot into a weird recovery program (probably some kind of stock) and it allowed me to actually use my phone as a phone.
- I tried flashing a new recovery in Odin (which probably should've been my first step instead of restoring to stock)
- I repartioned my PIT to the one from the forum on returning to stock
- I've (unsuccessfully) tried casual for VRALJB and VRAMC3
- I've (unsuccessfully) tried using Odin to go to either VRAMC3 and (normal) VRALJB

Device Info (from the app I downloaded named, "Device Info"):
These just seem peculiar to me...
- My bootloader is VRALL4
- My Baseband is VRAMC3
- My Incremental version is VRALJB

Help: - note that I do have root access
- Should these match? ^ and would those listed above cause casual to fail?
- Did i lock my bootloader when I unchecked the option to restore it in my backup after flashing the 4.3 firmware in Odin?
- Since my bootloader and my baseband are on different versions, would that cause casual to fail?
- Is there a way to downgrade my Baseband or upgrade my bootloader to make casual work?

I know these questions are probably way out of most people's leagues to answer, but anything helps guys!