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This is a review of Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with a touchpad.

After my recent review of Logitech T630 wireless mouse and previous reviews of different wireless keyboards, I have been asked by some of you about a more compact solution which combines both. Even so I had an answer to that from one of my older reviews of a candy-bar wireless keyboard with a mini touch pad and small keys intended for thumb typing, the question still remained open about a more comfortable full size keyboard solution combining keyboard and touchpad, operating wireless, and being compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Sounds like a challenge? Not if you do some digging on Amazon where I discovered Logitech K400 wireless keyboard, the #1 selling product in that category with almost 3,300 comments and 4.5 star rating. But can it slice'n'dice and work with Android? Let's take a closer look.

Expecting a full size keyboard with a touchpad, the small footprint of K400 package box did catch me by surprise. Sometime it's hard to judge a product from a picture, and I was curious to take it out of the box for a hands'on experience. The keyboard felt very lightweight, coincidentally weighting only 400g including 2x AA batteries. With dimensions of 14" x 5.5" and varying between 1/3" to 3/4" in thickness due to a battery compartment at the edge, I found this size to be a perfect compromise between a traditional full size keyboard and the miniature one. Considering included touch pad, located to the right of the keyboard, I found the size to be just perfect and very comfortable to use both on the table and while sitting on the couch. Although having all plastic build, keyboard felt durable with very little twist-flex. Keys were comfortable for typing, had a good travel distance, and a quiet click action.

Two AA batteries were already included with a keyboard, and according to Logitech it should last for up to a year with a moderate daily use. It definitely has a power saving mode, and I noticed after about 30 seconds of inactivity the mouse pointer would fade away. In addition to included batteries, K400 also came with a usb receiver and wireless range extender. The wireless operation of this keyboard is based on 2.4GHz transmitter built into the keyboard and a small usb thumb receiver you attach to your laptop or smartphone/tablet, which supposed to cover a distance of up to 33 feet. The connection to Android device required OTG USB adapter, and of course making sure your Android device does support OTG. In my test I was using a small OTG USB micro-usb to USB adapter. Pair up with keyboard was super easy. You attach USB receiver to your smartphone and turn the keyboard on. Done! Right away you would see a mouse pointer on your screen.

Although advertised as Windows 7/8 keyboard with a lot of universal shortcut keys supporting Windows OS, there were plenty of keys to work specifically with Android. Home key at the top in a cluster of a few dedicated buttons worked just like android Home key taking you back to the main menu. FN+Ctrl worked as android Setting key. Right mouse key under touchpad worked as android Back key. You also have dedicated multimedia keys with Play/Pause and Skip Next/Prev, and Volume keys with volume up/down and mute button. Tapping mouse pad or using left key underneath of touchpad or another cleverly located left-mouse key in the upper left corner worked as android Enter/Select. There were also a number of dedicated Windows key, but it's just a bonus since my main focus was on Android controls.

Overall, anybody looking for a compact universal wireless keyboard with full size keys and a built in touch pad, and the ability to remotely control your phone or tablet or Windows laptop connected to TV or Smart TV itself - should seriously consider Logitech K400. With it's support of Windows and Android including specific shortcuts and multimedia keys, with it's clever ergonomic design to use on any surface and even being able to put in upright standing position thanks to a flat back area, with it's decent build quality and 3 year support, and excellent battery life - I seriously doubt you will be able to find anything better for under $25.

Here are the pictures.

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