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[Q] Hello everyone ,
are a holder of dual lg optimus p990 . for those unfamiliar with the history of this smartphone , was the first to mount a tegra 2 dual core 1ghz with 512 mb of ram. the phone has been poorly supported by the parent LG, so much so that the owners of this smartphone (including myself) would like to thank first and foremost the community of XDA developers for the great support provided to this device rom, kernel and recovery. I go straight to the point : after so many experiences between rom , kernel, and so on. I was wondering if it was possible to install windows phone 7.8 on the dual , it lacked the open source drivers . I ask for help to those who know better than I do and have done wonders with the HTC HD2 ... I really want to be beta testers to be able to get on my dual windows phone 7.8 ... you can install it with a modified bootloader , or on the microSD ?

P.S. if the thread is placed in the wrong place , I apologize to the moderators , because I had no idea where to post it ...