Location Galaxy Note II - phone encryption issues

Hi there, upfront I'm very sorry for any thread mistakes I might have made - this is my first one
Status: 1 thread, noob

Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Int, Samsung Galaxy S3

Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Int - Stock (enc working) -> CM 11 - enc not working -> AOKP - enc not working
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Stock (enc working) -> CM 11 -enc not working -> Stock from recovery - enc not working

Recovery: CWM -> TWRP -> CWM Touch ->CWM

Problem is simple, on both presented platforms phone encryption isn't working, when I go Settings-> Security -> Encrypt phone ----> start encryption I get nice lil android fellow on the screen and... nothing happens, device is not booting and encrypting, there is just android bot image displayed and nothing happens. I tried to change bootloader/custom recovery/roms as stated above but havent succeded yet. Has anyone came across similar problem? Plz help