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TweakedN3 2.X UVUBMI7 4.3 SM-N900T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 UPDATED 3/13/14
... for AT&T!

Yes? Ok - then go to this post for information and download links :)
No? Ok - then read on... nothing to see here... :)

Hey everyone - resident no-one-in-particular here, and thanks to a few folks (@wally3614 and @itsmikeramsay in particular) I modified a few things to make my little mess of a project work a bit better for AT&T users. It needs to be stressed that this is based on the stock UVUBMI7 T-Mobile TouchWiz 4.3 that shipped with the N900T phone... In other words - this is a stock modified T-Mobile rom! That being said, I went through and made T-Mobile specific mods only show for TMo folks, as well as make sure mods work as they should for AT&T - including the removal of the Wifi Calling components.

This is still a work in progress, so even though I feel pretty confident that bugs (specifically related to the removal of wifi calling) have all been chased out, oddities may still come up - if they do please let me know! Also feel free to comment on how this might improve or if I've gone about anything in a not-so-smart way or if there is anything you would like to see (or wish wasn't there) - I can't promise I'll do anything about it, but such requests keep me motivated and learning, and thats been the driving force behind my tinkering since it began really :)


Installation instructions:


Wut?!? I have to read then!?! NOO!!!!

LOL - well really you don't HAVE to read, only if you want to customize things outside of the default setup. This was an idea that I started using over on the Note2 (though I've changed what I consider "default" a bit), and given the lack of aroma capabilities while using safestrap it at least offers an approach that lets users customize things a bit. Another advantage (for those that like customizing a bit at install anyway) is that after an initial step - future re-flashes of the rom will always utilize the same selections (assuming you don't delete some files in a particular directory of course). This should be a boon to those that enjoy flashing this and that, as the process of reinstalling this will now be tailored to what you want. NOTE: Unless you use the default approach you will most likely need to edit/redo this process for each update to make sure all new/edited options are up-to-date! This isn't excessively relevant yet, but it will be soon enough I imagine.
A complete explanation of the customizable-install approach can be found in this post, but for the sake of brevity and simplicity I am going to focus on the approach most fitting to the general (or new-to-flashing) user.

Before getting into that though, remember that the usual rules still apply:
- While very much stable in my experience you should be cautious whenever you flash. Make sure to wipe data/factory reset to avoid issues.
- I highly recommend wiping data before getting started with any of this. This is just a recommendation - not a requirement - though if you have issues that is almost always one of the first recommended fixes.
- Tweaked needs to be flashed in a custom recovery - and thanks to the hardwork of @HashCode this can be done via his Safestrap that can be found here. Make sure to THANK HIM for this, as none of this would be possible without his work!


The super simple safe approach would be to just flash the main install zip. This will give you a default set of options, of which you have no control (at install anyway). For those that would like to tailor the install a bit, you'll need to check out this post for instructions. Basically there is a directory you need to place on your internal or external sd card, and inside that directory are files that can be edited to reflect the particulars you would like to be installed.

Below is what I would consider the general fits-whatever-install-approach-you-chose installation instructions:


- Backup your current setup/data
- Decide which install route (default/custom) is best for you
- Download the main installer and put it on your internal/external sdcard
- If you decided on the custom install route
--- Download relevant zip for said approach
--- Extract directory inside zip and place it on internal/external sdcard as instructed
--- Edit install.prop and anything else required to reflect your install choices
- Boot into safestrap recovery thanks to Hashcode
- Recommended to wipe data/factory reset
- Select and install the main Tweaked rom .zip you put on your sdcard


While the theme is pretty much stock, I figured I would throw in a few screenshots that show a few minor things. If you want to see the screenshots (and they aren't already showing) just click the "CLICK TO SHOW CONTENT" (or "SPOILER") button!

Miscellaneous Notes:

- REMEMBER - Regardless of what install approach you use you can always use the Modificatinator to un/re/do virtually ANY of the options available to you in the main install! No need to reflash the whole rom!
Even if you don't use it right away, make sure to GRAB THE MODIFICATINATOR HERE NOW so you have it if you want it later!!
--- In order to use the modificatinator, you need to go through a process similar to the customizable install process mentioned above. In other words - you will need to edit a particular file (it's already in the .zip/directory used for the customizable install process) in a particular directory PRIOR to flashing the zip. If you do not, the zip will do nothing outside of wipe cache/dalvik-cache. See this post for more instructions on this.
- Updates that come after the initial release MAY also have a flash-update-only option - whether or not it does just depends on the specifics of the update. NOTE: Depending on what is updated, an update-only flashable may break things if you are themed! I will try to avoid this as much as possible, but all it takes is a minor edit to a framework-res.apk string (for example) to necessitate an overwriting of a file typically quite important for themers (resources.arsc) - just be mindful of this please :)
- You may notice that the main installer contains a few boot.img files. Given the locked bootloader status AT&T folks CANNOT use these! They are included here as they can be used for the TMo folks, and the goal was to make one installer zip that would work for both carriers. There is some logic included that should prevent you from accidentally flashing one of these from within the installer itself, but it is worth mentioning regardless.
- This is still pretty much an unthemed rom (if any would like to change this PLEASE let me know - a themer I am not!). There are a few changes done in SystemUI (the pulldown in particular) and framework-res (to allow for system-wide transparency options) - and the hope behind those changes (all thanks to @Alexia Whitehurst) was theme work would then be easier as a result. @wally3614 also made a few icons. Even so, this is primarily UVUBMI7 stock-themed - and this is reflective of the thinking behind the whole setup as being stock with some extra options. For those that like flashing various mods and what not, be wary - unless it specifies that it was made to work with Tweaked it likely will not.

Download links can be found further down.

Let me know if there are any suggestions/issues/etc. - also, feel free to stop by the IRC channel Alexia Whitehurst was so kind to make for all of this on freenode - #tweaked. If you don't have an IRC client you can always use their webchat interface here. Happy flashing!

Info on custom install options can be found in the installation instructions zip!

Version 2.X - 3/13/14
Cleaned up number-of-toggles-to-display code
- Now max is better linked to SecSettings
- Can no longer add beyond max/remove beyond min
- Capped TSM number picker range relevant to selection you are number-picking for
- Control of toggle order/display back to SecSettings
ACTUALLY made it so camera didn't pause music while taking pic/recording
SecEmail behaves w/out FC if MyMagazines is removed <- thanks to nijel8 for starting this one
Restructured TSMParts
- "Goller-ized" it - you are special if you know what that means
- Tried to make entries make more sense related to their checked status
Fixed some issues related to volume wake and volume music controls
Added in package names to application manager/app ops in secsettings <- thanks to nijel8 for the know-how on this
Cleaned up tons of little things in TSMParts
- Updated images <- thanks to nijel8 and wally3614 for this
- Removed code no longer being used
TSMParts additions
- Can now choose elements (outside of power/reboot) to show in power menu
- Can set longpress up/down actions for music controls <- thanks to team n3bula for the idea
-- Skip/Previous/Pause
- Enable statusbar brightness control <- thanks to C3C076/GravityBox for a ton of helpful code, and VZW DroidCharge 2.3.6 TW
-- Only works if autobright is off
-- Longpress statusbar to start, slide left/right to control
-- Won't work if sview cover is closed
- Enable doubletap statusbar to make phone sleep/screen off <- thanks to sbreen94 for the files, and to BOOTMGR for making the mod
-- Won't work if sview cover is closed
- Can now choose number of toggles to display separate from  a max allowed
-- Landscape/portrait
-- MISC --
- Bypass exchange security
-- Make your decision on this prior to setting up an account - once asked to set a secure lock AND DOING SO it will be there regardless of this setting
- Enable on the fly thread and conversation mms send/receive text color <- HUGE THANKS to nijel8 as this mod would not be possible without his work
-- NOTE: Thread (list of all conversations) requires exit/re-enter to change
-- NOTE: Mms in thread view will not be colored
- Option to choose what key to use as default multimodal key in SamsungIME <- thanks to nijel8 for pointing me in the right direction on this
Also - I added a funny... can you find it? <- thanks to team n3bula for the idea of where to put it :)

Version 2.0 - 1/26/14
Minor fixes to a few things
- Camera no longer alters transition animation when opened from secure lock
- Camera no longer pauses music during vid/pic taking
- Edits to allow for old-but-standard battery icon mod flashing
- Emoji "fix" for SecMms (return to stock must-be-mms status), and reply-all activated
- Updated a layout for aosp lockscreen to handle dpi changes
Made things ATT-capable
- ATT includes some relevant apn, csc, build.prop, apk files thanks to itsmikeramsay
- Removes wifi calling w/out FC issues
- Edits to reboot menu and data icon mod to better reflect ATT
- Custom carrier affects statusbar carrier as well
-- color and text
Same approach was used for Rogers with files thanks to Turilo
Allow any widget for lockscreen widget
Unused app section opened in JobManager
Forced on the "exit" option in stock browser
Block number settings opened in SecSettings
Updated power menu icons to a neutral white thanks to wally3614
Disabled the "wifi turning off" popup when enabling hotspot with wifi on
Made some edits to try and lighten the load for flashbar list generating
Added TSM toggle
- click to go to TSM Parts
- longpress to open penwindow
TSM Parts updates
- New TSM logo/icon thanks to wally3614
- Added link to PageBuddy settings
- Navbar on/off on-the-fly
-- Also in powermenu
-- Edited to force all 4 buttons to always show
-- Framework-res edits made to make bar smaller
-- Screenshot combo still works :)
- Custom aircommand text color option
- Added in links to remainder of testsettings options
-- Device information
-- WiFi information
- Home button wake on/off
- AOSP lockscreen haptic on/off
- Finished TSM disabled options
-- Statusbar color options
-- Notification pulldown color options
- Added option to turn on/off ATT statusbar carrier text
- Moved ascending ringer to misc from general
- Added in option to skip call ended screen
- Added in on/off for unlimited multiwindow

Version 1.0 - Initial release 12/27/13
Init.d support for stock kernel
Support stock or custom bootanimation
- Replaced shutdown with international
No Knox (thanks to sshafranko for finding many I missed :) )
Attempts at neutering SysScope
- Shows as System Official
- Just kidding, though to be fair I did do 2 things:
-- Added mod version line
-- changed from true to false
Increased recipient limit when sending sms/mms via SecContacts
Disabled some annoying warnings in SecSettings
Disabled some annoying warnings on mobile data/airplane toggles
Disabled the popup explaining how to clear defaults when one is set
Unlocked and unblocked a few things in SecSettings
- Unlocked Font Clarity option
- Unblocked font apk checks for sideloaded font apks
- Added in access to spellchecker settings
-- requires google keyboard to be fully funtional...???
-- though don't need to USE it...?
- Unlocked VZW tabs on/off option (hit Menu while in SecSettings)
- Opened access to the native "App Ops" for per-app permission handling
Enabled Autobrightness adjustment (SecSettings and SystemUI)
"Unlocked" a few extra toggles (again, SecSettings and SystemUI)
- Also added Wifi Calling toggle (same locations)
- As well as a Torch toggle (yep, same locations again)
SecMms edits
- raised restrictions on recipient limits, rate of sending
- some emoji-allowing attempts
- folder view enabled as an option
- attempted to increase mms image-attachment quality
- screen on/off option
- save messages
- no "no data" warning shown when sending mms over wifi w/ wifi calling on and data off
SecLauncher4 edits
- snap grid animation duration decreased
SamsungCamera2 edits
- disabled warnings involving low power for camera/camcorder/flash use
- allow video recording during calls
- transition animation scale no longer changed when opening camera
Eliminated Nfc odex-file verification
Added a few wallpapers to the wallpaper chooser
Minor csc edits
- Made stock APN editable
- Removed tethering APN
- Added in epc.tmobile apn
- Made stock bookmarks editable
Removed TetheringProvision.apk
- Also removed its calls
Unlimited multiwindow/multiinstance/penwindow apps
- Pen window is optional in case you like the pen window manager app
- Does not include things like SHealth, Camera, or Dialer (multiwindow)
-- Plus a few more - can add package names to /system/etc/fbs_exclusions.txt
- No issues w/ scrolling in edit window or drag-is-not-drop scenarios
Lockscreen widget limit increased from 5 to 8
- Didn't want the "page" indicators to get messed up :)
Extended power menu
- Includes 4way reboot
- Modified it a bit for sview (reboot just reboots)
- Screenshot
- Activated data toggle
- Can be made smaller/preventable-on-lockscreen in TSM
System-wide transparency mod thanks to Alexia
Restructered and transparent pulldown thanks to Alexia
TSMParts apk included (Settings > Device tab)
- Did some restructuring :)
- Color Picker has increased in size
- All links to things outside the apk are working
- List and color preference summaries update with selections made
- CRT animation (crt, fade, or stock)
- Full/low battery notification on/off
- Full/low battery notification on/off
- Low power screen dim on/off
- Wake on un/plug on/off
- Steady ringer option
- Ear protection on/off
- Power menu minimalizer (only show power/reboot - includes sview)
- Option to allow volume rocker to control cursor in text fields
- Long press volume rocker song skip
- Double press home - can set to whatever voice search is available
-- should still work even if SVoice home button is disabled or if SVoice is removed
- Long press menu - can set to GoogleNow
- Long press app kill
-- Can set to menu or back - stock functionality used when done on whitelisted app
- NFC mod - screen on, that + lockscreen, or that + screen off
-- NOTE: screen off option will likely stop working if the device goes sleepy time deep enough
- Popup browser popout target
-- Requires slightly edited popupbrowser from Tweaked Note2
- Option to use different uncolored image for sview background (currently just black)
- Disable lockscreen (separate from SecSettings option)
- Option to use AOSP lockscreen
- Custom lockscreen carrier text option
-- Can also colorize carrier text
- Option for quick pass/pin unlock (no need to press ok if pass/pin correct)
- Option to allow widgets w/ secure lockscreens
-- includes link to fav apps/camera and multi-widget on/off in SecSettings
- Option to disable power menu on keyguard/lockscreen
- Lockscreen flashlight (uses Home button)
-- long press on, long press off when screen on
-- remains on with screen off
-- turns off when screen turns back on or unlock
- Option for volume-as-wake
-- Requires kernel support - or device to be plugged in
- Option to use custom lockscreen timeout
-- Can opt for 3-30 sec vs stock 5/10
- Finger ink on/off for ripple unlock method
- Choose from stock or custom ink color for ripple unlock method
- Opt to hide toggles from notification area
- Choose number of toggles to show in notification area (3-20)
- Option to use that same limit on the toggle panel area
- Option to use and set custom color for toggles
-- only affects on/dim icons, off is still grey
-- avoid transparency if you don't want the color of the actual image file to show
-- avoid this altogether if using detailed themed toggle images
- Option to use and set custom color for toggle text
-- set to fully transparent to have text not show :)
- AM/PM off/small/normal option
- Clock right/left/center/off option
- Clock coloring options (both statusbar and pulldown)
- Small/large day-of-week option for statusbar clock
- Option to show icons for actual data connection type
- Option to have data icon persist while on wifi
- Show signal dbm text option
-- On/off for dbm label
-- Color options based on signal strength
- Battery bar options
-- Miui or mirror centered
- Hide/show signal bars
- Ability to colorize battery text/bar
- Hide/show battery icon
- Ability to choose from 1 of three different icon types
-- currently its green stock, white circle, red gauge -- THANKS FOREVERLOCO!
- Option to move clear button to header of notification area
- Option to show/hide No notification text bar from notification area
- Option to show/hide Ongoing text bar from notification area
- Option to show/hide Notification text bar from notification area
- Option to show custom carrier text
-- Can edit and colorize text
- Hide NFC
- Hide smart screen
- Hide blocking notification
- Hide IME
- Hide alarm
- Hide bluetooth
- Hide sound
- Hide wifi calling notification (statusbar only)
- Hide no sim
- Show record button in call on/off
- Show call button in contacts on/off (small icon in call log...)
- Scrollable wallpaper on/off
- Infinite loop on/off (affects app drawer as well)
- Hide vs. Disable app option
- Up swipe targets GoogleNow or MyMagazine
- Option to disable home-on-homescreen MyMagazines trigger
- Smiley button instead of Enter on/off
- Server vs phone timestamping
- Sms/Mms logging on/off
- Long press duration stock (500ms) or short (250ms)
- On/off for unlimited penwindow app
- Multiwindow style options - can change on-the-fly
-- stock, floating, floating+dock, floating+quad, or floating+dock+quad
- Opens w/ default dimensions
Updated many system apps
- Includes handwriting fixes :)


Good! As time goes on hopefully there will be an increasing number of themes made SPECIFIC FOR TWEAKED! This will be good, as while there are a number of themes out there that would likely at least partly work ones made specifically for Tweaked will completely work! Below is a list of such themes for ease of reference!

I will update this list as new ones come out, so make sure to check back from time to time! Also - MAKE SURE TO THANK THEM! There aren't many who have done this, so make sure they know the work is appreciated!

Themes for Tweaked

- AOSP by foreverloco

- Kryon themes (Element and PaperKut) by wally3614

- Toxic Sickness by SICKMADE

- Lights Out by SICKMADE


Let me know if there are any issues!

XDA:DevDB Information
TweakedN3ATT, a ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Firmware Required: Safestrap
Based On: Stock TMobile UVUBMI7 N900T

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.X
Stable Release Date: 2014-03-13

Created 2014-01-27
Last Updated 2014-03-13
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Q: What the hell is TSMParts (new option in Settings menu)?
A: A interface for a huge slew of mods and tweaks originally put together by the original members of TSM and inspired by impressive works of numerous others - the TSM Parts interface acts as a control for all of the customizable fun available. There are a large number of options there - so make sure to check them all out!

Q: TSMParts is asking for superuser access?!?
A: Yep - there are some options (one in particular under Miscellaneous settings) that will need it, so make sure you grant it!

Q: I'm having overlap issues with statusbar icons and center clock - what should I do?
A: Yeah - things may overlap, so you will have to either change settings to avoid the issue or just deal with it.

Q: I set a statusbar icon to hide, but it's still there. What gives?
A: The statusbar icon tweaks may require a little effort on your part for changes to take effect. All changes can be elicited with a reboot/hotboot, BUT for most there are other ways:
-- Bluetooth/vibrate-silent/alarm icons/ime -- just change their state (on/off or vibrate/sound, etc)
-- No sim -- if the notification is already active you will need to reboot/hotboot to hide it
-- smart "eye" icon -- changes will happen once the eye triggers

Q: How is battery life on this rom?
A: This is a stock modified rom. As such, battery life will be equivalent to stock were you to be running a similar array of apps and kernel - it really should be no different than stock otherwise (which imo is not half bad really). The kernel and misbehaving 3rd party apps have more to do with battery life than a modified stock rom - at least in my opinion (and experience, though it's limited).

Q: I keep getting messages saying FlashBarService had to close - WHY YOU MAKE BREAK ON THIS!?!
A: There are two ways I've seen this happen. The first is when someone has HUNDREDS of apps installed - and in that case it usually FCs once and is fine after that. The other time I see it is when a particular app is installed that just refuses to play nice with multiwindow or penwindow. In that case, if it can be chased down and isolated, you can add the package name into the fbs_exclusions.txt file in /system/etc/ and all should be well once again. Worst case scenario - disable unlimited penwindow apps and unlimited multiwindow apps and see if things improve. If so, use the pick-what-to-include types of apks and see if the situation improves.

Q: So tethering is a common topic... can it be done with this?
A: To be honest I am unsure as to how tethering will behave using AT&T as the carrier... there was an annoying upsell message that TMo folks would get that I tried to set up to avoid, but in theory tethering SHOULD work on this. I will update this once it has been confirmed by a few folks

Q: CRT/fade animation doesn't work in landscape... why?
A: I actually forced this to be the case, as I could not avoid an odd half-screen effect scenario that happened in landscape - which was the result of a hacky fix to FCs that occurred with those animations and rotation changes.

Q: When I toggle navbar on/off there sometimes is a black bar left at the bottom - CAN YOU MAKE IT STOP!?!
A: This only seems to happen when toggled via the power menu and appears to be specific to the TW launcher - and has an easy fix. Open up an app, like Messaging for example, and then close it. The wallpaper will resize and all is well once again

Q: Why isn't the accurate data icon mod working!!?!
A: The only time that mod shows an effect is when you are on the T-Mobile or AT&T network - I don't believe other networks will see a change in data icon behavior.

Q: After I flashed the 2.X update I can't see texts in Mms - WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME?
A: There may be instances where the default colors I point to in xmls don't jive with the bubble options you've selected, or have been edited based on the theme you are running. Seems like a good time to change the color of the text right?

Q: What is this LMT thing? How do you use it?
A: You need to check out noname81's thread here for info on that!

Q: Why don't you mention blah blah blah in your FAQ? It would have helped me a lot!
A: My bad - PM me anything you think should be added to this that would be helpful for the general user base!
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How to custom install Tweaked

As I said, there are really two approaches to installing Tweaked:

----- DEFAULT -----
This is the approach used when one of two things has happened:
- 1) There was no preparation done or found as far as selecting options (i.e. no install.prop found where it should be on internal/external sdcard)
- 2) You are flashing an updated version of the main installer and failed to update your install.prop. Note that in this case your original install.prop can still be found, it just has a .bak added to the end of the file name.
This approach installs a set of default options that is slightly bloated but apparently covers all bases in terms of functionality.

When you flash the main installer zip as-is and it gives you a default setup after installation - you can opt to set up and flash the modificatinator (see downloads post here) - see the Modificatinator instructions below to learn how to set this up.

NOTE: For the custom approach please be aware that the process will likely need to be redone with new versions to make sure you have access to all available options!
I will try to keep changes to these files minimal, but changes are inevitable, so make sure to stay up-to-date with the version you are flashing, as otherise you will likely get the default install!
ALSO - with these approaches you can place the TweakedInstall directory on either the internal or external sdcard. That being said, in general if you have a TweakedInstall directory on BOTH your external AND internal sdcard, the files in the external sdcard directory will be chosen over those in the internal sdcard directory. Furthermore - it is VERY important that you DO NOT RENAME ANY OF THE FILES OR THE DIRECTORY! If you do you will likely get a default install when flashing the main installer (not the worst thing, but still).

----- CUSTOM -----
This approach requires changes you will have to do, and therefore needs a little reading and preparing ahead of time. In order to help things along, I've put together a zip file (see downloads post here) with instructions and needed files - make sure to read the... well, the README! The contents of that readme file are below:

--- From the READMEFIRST-INSTRUCTIONS.txt in the file ---



1) Decide if you will be editing text files on the computer or the phone
- regardless of where you do this, the result must go in a specific directory on your internal/external sdcard (see below)
- if you use a computer to edit, make sure it uses the Unix-style end-of-line character (you can use Notepad++ on a PC)
- Not all text editors work as you need them to if doing this on the phone - I have only tried it using the built-in text editor in Root Explorer
2) Extract the TweakedInstall folder (either on PC or extract it to the ROOT of your sdcard - internal OR external)
- Inside are five files - the main one of interest for installing is install.prop
3) Open install.prop using a text editor and read the instructions
- it is on this file you select options
- this is similar in idea to how aroma works
- ALL you are doing with this is changing the numbers that come after the = signs
- Follow the instructions for what each number means for each choice
4) Complete any other OPTIONAL file edits per how you want to install
OPTIONS INCLUDE (these are for the more advanced users around - THEY ARE NOT NEEDED AND CAN BE IGNORED):
- If you opted to further debloat beyond available options and have set dangertweak to = 1
- edit the applist file with the apk name that you want removed
- see baseapplist.txt for a list of apk names that are included on /system as "default"
- If you opted to keep some pre-existing system files and have set savelist to = 1
- edit the savelist file with the full path to the file you want saved
- so for example if you wanted to save a script file called 02ForExample that was in the init.d folder, you would enter
into the savelist file
5) Make sure the directory along with your newly-edited files are moved to your sdcard if not already


6) Boot into recovery and flash the Tweaked rom zip

The edited install.prop file (and optional ones related to it) being kept in the TweakedInstall directory on your sdcard will make it so you won't need to do any choosing the next time you want to flash the main installer. You can always come back to or reflash Tweaked exactly how you have set it up with no extra effort!



Ok, let's say you've installed the rom and made a few custom selections, or regret not making some in hindsight. You can - without reflashing the entire rom - just go through and install/uninstall the particular thing you want to change using the modificatinator zip. BUT - it also requires you to do edits SIMILAR (but NOT IDENTICAL) to those you made to the install.prop, however in this case you will be using the modify.prop file. If you followed the above instructions for preparing a custom install, the modify.prop will be in the same directory as your install.prop.

1) Decide if you will be editing the modify.prop on the computer or the phone
- regardless of where you do this, the result must go in the same specific directory on your internal/external sdcard that the other files mentioned above are in
- if you use a computer to edit, make sure it uses the Unix-style end-of-line character (you can use Notepad++ on a PC)
- Not all text editors work as you need them to if doing this on the phone - I have only tried it using the built-in text editor in Root Explorer
2) Open modify.prop using a text editor and read the instructions
- it is on this file you select options
- this is similar in idea to how aroma works
- ALL you are doing with this is changing the numbers that come after the = signs
- Follow the instructions for what each number means for each choice. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN!
4) Move the edited modify.prop to the proper directory (same one the install.prop is in) if not already


6) Boot into recovery and flash the modificatinator zip

The edited modify.prop being kept in the TweakedInstall directory on your sdcard will need to be edited every time you want to use the modificatinator zip.


The hope is that these instructions are as simple but as thorough as possible for those wanting to embark on the custom approach.
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Note 3 UVUBMI7 Tweaked v2.0 -- Mirror
md5: 83BE15BB0B25EB7DAD27D40D72976565

Tweaked v2 ATT Info zip -- Mirror
NOTE: This is NOT a flashable zip! Open it up and read through it!

Tweaked Modificatinator UVUBMI7 v2.0 FOR ATT -- Mirror
NOTE: This is the file used in combination with modify.prop to change things AFTER installation of rom
md5: 50AB8DE41BF98F6C38A131F9B66B82F0

Batt1 charging battery icon fix
NOTE: Flash this if you try a battery icon mod and notice the charging icons aren't behaving.
md5: FD4AB3286F4C8153E0743C496D269D0D
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sbrissen - smali tips and what not
nitsuj17 - tips, advice, useful info, and tireless stifling
imnuts - far too many reasons to list
jt1134 - far too many reasons yet again
ChainsDD and Chainfire - reasons upon reasons
Alexia Whitehurst - support, theme/mod work, and a host of other things too numerous to name
wanam/lidroid - amazing guides
amarullz - awesome install utility
dirtybudha - for lending me some server space for screenshots and mirrors
wally3614 - awesome icons, boot animation, AT&T testing, and amazing theme work!
nijel8 - a number of awesome mods (settings package names, mms text coloring, awesome call ended screen mod info, secemail mods, tsmparts improvements, etc.) - great help!
itsmikeramsay - helping get the AT&T side of things up and running
JaeKar99 - for awesome wallpaper/banner/boot animation work now and in the past for Tweaked (if you like his work feel free to show him!)
Warrior1975 - for kicking things off to even get this phone in the first place
AkaTheMacDaddy - tester extraordinaire and endless encouragement
KalEl7 - tester extraordinaire and endless encouragement
boobah204 - thorough navbar testing
mikeyxda - help w/ non-murky ripplier lockscreen
foreverloco - for making an awesome AOSP theme specific for my muddled mess of a rom
prdog1 and mikeybones - critical pieces to the long-press-kill mod
prdog1 again - general support/info/help
deeznutz1977 - testing and idea making
icedventimocha - for making awesome toggle images for the new toggles (WiFi Calling, Torch)
ReelFiles - uber-thorough testing of little-used nuances
Owlensteed - testing and mediafire goodness
beanstown106 - pointing me towards the aosp lockscreen info and some missing bits in TSMParts
chopperthedog - for hooking me up with file hosting stuffs
gunnermike - also providing hosting for files
Endless2232 - layout (and general) xml guidance
MidnightNinja - image repairs and what not
loserskater - improved volume skip info
0tt0m@n - help w/ SysScope from back in the Note2 days
noname81 - all the good LMT launcher work - check out his thread for more info!
didact79 - awesome guides that get me pointed in the right direction
scalee - amazing pointers on modifying flashbarservice/multiwindow
JoshBeach - letting me use his font apk and helping me debug things without even knowing it
dragonstalker - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
erikmm - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
merwin - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
All of TeamSbrissenMod and those responsible for TSMParts
Anyone else I likely forgot


Beyond the contributions of the above individuals, there were a number of guides found on xda or via google that were used along the way. Some representative samples include:

CRT/Fade animation guide
This and this were looked at for upsell avoidance attempts
Finger ink effect
Aroma installer info
Call recording guide
This and this held clues for the Nfc screen off/lockscreen mod
SecMms.apk modding info
Better volume skip info
This guide helped me figure out my twist on the lockscreen torch
Signature verification removal
xposed multiwindow mod by Scalee used as a guide for editing flashbarservice
Quick enter mod guide for pin/pass lockscreens by loserskater
FemBlack and XBlast for clues on volume key cursor movement
zst123 and XuiMod for clues and smali bits regarding muiu battery bar mod
C3C076 and GravityBox for clues regarding statusbar brightness control mod
A bunch of others that have become buried in my browser history...
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Howdy folks -

This is a first attempt at making things from one carrier work on another, but it seems to be working out so far. Please let me know if you have any issues or if any of the convoluted instructions I've laid out need some re-explaining. Hope folks enjoy, and apologies if you don't

EDIT: On the off chance that the above statement gets misinterpreted, when I say "This is a first attempt at making things from one carrier work on another,..." I do not mean in general - I mean that what I have posted here is my first attempt at such things. This is new territory for me is all I wanted the above statement to convey. Fwiw - I am never first at just about anything regarding android stuff lol - but in all seriousness I don't want anyone else's hard work to appear slighted by my above comment.
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Very nice @dwitherell, now I'll go show all my buddies!
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So glad this made it to our phones. Will be flashing tomorrow. Thanks to @dwitherell and @antiochasylum.

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Originally Posted by dwitherell

Howdy folks -

This is a first attempt at making things from one carrier work on another, but it seems to be working out so far. Please let me know if you have any issues or if any of the convoluted instructions I've laid out need some re-explaining. Hope folks enjoy, and apologies if you don't

No it's not. BRI has ported from T-Mobile and I've fully ported from Verizon. Nice looking ROM though

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27th January 2014, 09:08 AM |#10  
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It's getting interesting around here... Thx to all that contribute

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Originally Posted by itmaster85

No it's not. BRI has ported from T-Mobile and I've fully ported from Verizon. Nice looking ROM though

Sent from my SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

And I have ported from international. And provided most of the files to port lol. But let's get back on topic. Awesome ROM . By an awesome Dev

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