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Am having 2 issues with my battery. I have an Anker 7200 mah extended battery currently. {I have also noticed these issues with previous batteries I have used}. I charge my battery to 100% and then when I check the battery screen in settings several hours later, it will show for example that I have been on battery for 4 hrs when in fact it has been 5 or 6 hours. The second problem I am seeing is on the bottom portion of the battery screen it will only show % for screen, device idle, cell standby and sometimes, voice calls. It will not show usage % for other things like email, tapatalk, games, etc. Pls see attached for example. In the screenshot it shows I have been on battery for 2 days and 0 hrs when it have been at least 2 days and 5 hrs. And bottom part of screen only shows screen, device idle, cell standby and voice calls percentages. I've let my battery drain until it was almost completely dead and I've calibrated my battery but still having same problems.

Was wondering if anyone else has come across these issues and what was done to fix?

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