Plug Internal Memory Damaged *FIX*


I do not know if anybody has had this problem with the note 8 but, I know I did so just in case anybody else has the same problem look in here.

OK so it at started when my Note 8 did not want to charge so I took it a part and inspected the battery and it was fine, of course I did this at work not at home. I could not use the original charger to see if that was he culprit which it turned out it was. Once it was charged and started the tab seemed to have a corrupted memory or something. How? do not ask I do not know how that happen. I went in to TWRP recovery and I could not mount internal sd card, data, and some other stuff so, definitely something is going on.( See Picture). The only thing you could do was reset the device as stated in the icon on the tab. By clicking the reset button on the screen the tab rebooted into recovery but, since I had a custom recovery the tab would reboot again. Now, the only thing that I was thinking that could fix this was restoring back to stock firmware which I didnt because damn downloads was taking to long. So, the other possible thing was restoring the stock recovery.(Some of you might have known this but, I just putting it here because there is people out there that do not) I downloaded the original stock recovery that I found and restored it via ODIN(search ODIN if you do not know what it is). I rebooted the tab and took me back to the rese device again and proceeded to restore. Now, it took me to recovery again and this time since it found the original samsung recovery, everything checked out and restarted the device. Everything was back to normal, all I did was just reflash the custom recovery in ODIN reboot to the recovery, restore my back up "if you have one " and done. All worked out.

Hope this helps anyone if they find themselves in this situation.

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