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This mini-FAQ is intended to avoid clutter in the FlashCast thread.
If you have specific questions/comments/suggestions for FlashCast itself or its developer, or want to get the newest FlashCast, please use the main FlashCast thread.

Likewise, if you have questions/comments/suggestions for Eureka-ROM, its developers, or want to get the newest Eureka-ROM, please use the main Eureka-ROM thread.

First, understand how FlashCast works, and when it doesn't.
Second, check the flowcharts for First boot of a newly-prepared FlashCast stick and Flashing Eureka-ROM with FlashCast USB stick

REMEMBER: For a just-written or re-written FlashCast USB stick, the first boot with it does not root your Chromecast, because it does not write a ROM (which is what preserves root) until the second round, after you load the onto the stick. If you haven't put a onto the FlashCast USB stick, you have not applied a ROM yet and you are still at risk of losing root (unless you're just applying a mod or new ROM over an existing root-preserving ROM).

If you don't know whether your Chromecast should be rootable, check the Rootable Serial Numbers thread to check your serial number against the potentially-rootable serial range. It is safe to try even if your serial is not in the rootable range - either FlashCast will run and you have root potential, or it won't.

If you need to know why you should or shouldn't root, and why you need to decide before you start using Chromecast, check Root Mini-FAQ: What's the big deal with root?

Use of wall (utility) power is highly recommended for flashing - TV USB ports, USB power packs, and other uncontrolled or potentially-non-constant power sources can cause problems if they turn off or give out in the middle of a flash.

If you run into trouble, see below.
  1. FlashCast doesn't show up at all.
    Your Chromecast is not rootable, your OTG cable is miswired or defective, your USB stick was not imaged properly, or your USB stick is not compatible.
    See these:
    Piecing OTG together with Y-cable and adapter
    Long thread on OTG piecemeal workarounds
    on proper OTG wiring/assembly if you aren't using an assembled powered OTG cable.

    Here are tips for potentially writing the FlashCast image from your Android device, though using a computer is still recommended.
  2. FlashCast shows up but only get red LED on Chromecast
    FlashCast did not find your, it is corrupt, or your USB stick has errors
    Windows users - make 100% sure that your file is named exactly not
    By default, Windows hides file extensions and this can cause misnamed files.
    See this explanatory image

    Also check your OTG cable - a flakey OTG cable can let FlashCast start but fail to flash too. See previous links for OTG cable assembly guidance.
  3. FlashCast shows up, the LED is white, but all I see is the line of dots after the reboot
    Check that the button on the Chromecast is not stuck down. On some units the plastic button-pusher can get wedged down. Gently but firmly push the button all the way down and wiggle it on release. If that doesn't work, try flicking the button to dislodge it.
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