Default [Q] BML E615 - anybody messed with one yet?

I grabbed a couple BML E615's recently to play with since they were dirt cheap on sale (@$55 each) and am wondering if anyone has gotten a clean ROM built for one.

Native install is running Android 4.2.2 kernel, Quad Band, Dual SIM, MicroSD card slot, 140MB internal storage.
It seems to be a decent little device but has a number of extras installed (skype, a couple messengers, etc.) by default, and for some reason won't allow the install of OpenVPN Connect from the play store ("Your device isn't compatible with this version."), so I'm wondering if anyone has messed with one of these and gotten a clean build working (with play store of course).

For those interested (or looking for more details) go to the TMart site and search for it (I can't post links yet soo..) (FYI they took about 5 weeks to get took some strange