Default [Q] Correct ROM to flash for cleaning.

Hey, recently I've been switching between CWM and TWRP with 4.3 and 4.4 ROMs and now that I want to go back to my stable 4.3 daily driver, I'm having weirs issues such as low bench scores, WiFi and Facebook issues, also my processor speed always clocks back to 1100 even if I set it to 1500. Tried full wiping and doing a clean flash but to no avail. So I plan on starting from scratch by flashing a stock ROM from the PC. I was wonderimg which ROM should I use since I am in Nicaragua, with Movistar. Any help is really appreciated.

In case you are wondering I am currently using CWM recovery and liquid smooth stable official with no tweaks whatsoever.

Edit: some issued turned out to be the very first virus I've ever encountered on my years with Android devices haha.
HTC mytouch 4g Slide 4GB Memory (Currently being used by brother).
SilverL CM10.1.2 Android 4.2.2
Jelly Kang 1.9 Android 4.2.2 with WILD kernel.
LG Optimus G E975/77
CM10.2 Stable
Liquid smooth 2.37 Official