Default [Q] Hyperlink and Numbers Invisible

One of the Jelly Bean phone, Android version 4.2.2, behaves strangely as follows:
The hyperlinks (URL, phone numbers etc.) is normal blue in Browser, Messaging, Email, even Gmail.
But they are white on white, hence invisible in WhatsApp and BBM for Android.
It is also white in ColorNote, but we can change the background e.g., to be gray, thus make it white on gray that is visible.
What could have been wrong? What can I do to change the hyperlink font color in those applications? It must be a setting for the attribute of the hyperlinks, right? But where? It is also weird, that the links are normal (blue) in Browser, Messaging, Email and Gmail.

Hope the Android experts out there could give me a hint or tweak needed to fix that situation, which will be highly appreciated.