Default Dead Galaxy S3 Tmobile while installing new ROM

Please everybody, i really need your help regarding this issue, i have Galaxy S3 T-999, and i used to install ROMs in it several times, everything was ok until one time i was installing a new ROM from XDA developers site and and when finished installation at the phone suddenly everything is dead and i couldn't switched on again or open the CWM .... i pressed the three buttons, i removed a battery and bought a new one, but everything is useless, till this moment no way to power on the mobile even can't charge, i checked in many sites regarding the issue but most probably it's from EMMC in the motherboard. i really don't know what to do and where to get this chip.... also in my country Netherlands no one help me because its a US model. please help me what can i do considering that the mobile is like new and petty i throw it to the garbage.