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I've been rooting my phones since the MyTouch 3G and have never bricked a phone, but of course I buy the most expensive phone I've ever had and this is the one that goes. My phone will get to the Galaxy Note 3 screen and nothing else. Once in a while the screen will flash white with 'noise' (like a tv) but that's the only life after the initial screen. I can access recovery and download mode but no form of recovery will work, not oneclick, not odin, not hamdall, nothing. I'm going to try the oneclick method again, but in the meantime I was hoping to get some guidance of something I may not have thought of. Things I've done so far:
-followed the restore to mj5 thread
-tried oneclickbin
-tried odin
-tried different ports (4 total, 1 usb 3.0)
-used the oem cable, a galaxy s4 oem cable, a moto x oem cable, and a generic one as well

EDIT: Solved...I was accidentally using 4.3 files, I'm running 4.4

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