Thumbs up [Q] Set Individual Ringtones to Contacts - WhatsApp issue

After I assign a custom or different stock ringtone to Contact A, the ringtone also gets played when a WhatsApp message is received from that contact. How can I stop this from occurring? Please guide.

Found the answer:
EDIT: go to whatsapp setting -> notifications -> uncheck contact ringtone (use contact's ringtone as notification ringtone)
【▀▄】 Phone ► Sony Xperia Z1
【▀▄】 ROM ► Trinity Vengeance RaptorX - 1.0
【▀▄】 Recovery ► CWM
【▀▄】 Root ► Newroot 1.7
【▀▄】 Kernel ► F(X)TrinityUltimateKernel-V1.7
【▀▄】 Bootloader ► Unlocked
【▀▄】 THEME ► Stock