Default [Q] Hidden S-Pen settings on the GS4 SPH-L720???

So...I'm using Nova Launcher and while bored messing with the home screen shortcuts I came across some extra settings on my S4. I came across "Pen Settings" and was able to access (adjust/turn off and on) the same S-Pen settings that are supported by the Note devices. I also found access to the "Torchlight" settings from the S4 Active and "Video Calling".

So I Googled "hidden settings on Galaxy s4" and "S-Pen settings on Galaxy s4" with no luck.

My question is..has anyone accessed these settings in their S4 or possibly any other Galaxy device?? Do you think this means that Samsung was gonna implement these features on the S4 but decided not to? Or do you they are considering an update that supports these features? Or is this just a TouchWiz thing because the Galaxy phones are running the same architecture? As a geek I find this very interesting.

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