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Good evening...

so I picked up a shiny new Note 3 today, and spent all night rooting it, installing SS, Beans 6, and setting up all my apps and whatnot. Not sure how I didn't notice it before, but suddenly I've just realized the power button sticks if pressed just so. Appears to happen when you press the power button with your finger on the lower third of the button. It's always a touch "sticky" for lack of a better word, but most concerning is that sometimes it will literally stick. Get stuck. In the depressed position. Only to pop up when you gently touch the top part of the button.

If I press in the middle or top half of the power button it works fine.

Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas on the cause? Can it be fixed or do I need a replacement phone? I'd really rather not have to go through all this again tomorrow with a new device, but not sure I can take the sticky button for the next two years and worried it might actually get worse if its a mechanical defect.


EDIT: Taking the phone back in the morning. I am way too OCD to just "live with it". In the process of flashing the MJE file and unrooting. =(