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[ROM][08.02.2014] YAS4 v11 /Yet Another Sense 4.1/ with 3DCamera

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By howpathetic, Senior Member on 3rd September 2013, 10:25 AM
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Howpathetic and Snoob25 present
Thread index:

POST #1: Rom overview
POST #2: Bugs and To-Do List
POST #3: Changelogs and Downloads





  • Based on HTC ShooterU 3.28.401.1 + HTC VilleC2 1.11.401.110 and 2.15.401.100
  • Android 4.0.3
  • Kernel: Stock HTC kernel 3.0.16
  • 2nd Kernel: Howpathetic kernel ( 2nd Post )
  • Rebased on Sensai ROM
  • HTC Sense 4.1
  • Sony Xloud
  • Sony Bravia engine
  • Fully deodexed
  • Working 3D Camera
  • Sqlite 3 optimizations
  • APM
  • Init.d Support
  • Higly customizable via AROMA
  • VACUUM Database optimization
  • Busybox, ROOT
  • Init.d script and Build.prop tweaks

ROM is also compatible with S-ON

Aroma installer will ask you which installation mode do you prefer:

  • Normal install
  • Dirty Install (It will let your /data partition untouched)
  • Add mode (Add mods/scripts/apps/kernel to your INSTALLED rom)
  • Remove mode (Remove mods/scripts/apps/kernel from your INSTALLED rom)

Suggestions and facts:


  • The ROM is highly customizable via AROMA installer.
  • We recommend you to choose Normal install every first time you are flashing ROM
  • If you do not choose anything in AROMA you will have minimalistic rom.
  • After first boot and setting your phone, we RECOMMEND you to reboot. (Some tweaks are applied on second boot)
  • You database files will be optimized with VACUUM on each fifth boot.
  • After install you can freely modify your rom via AROMA again.
  • We do not recommend using any other tweaks or scripts on this rom.



Thanks to:

  • HTC
  • $tefanDroid for his awesome ROM and permission !
  • Virus
  • Team AK and Idogx for their 3D CAM fix
  • Google
  • Amarullz for his awesome Aroma installer
  • All creators of included apps
  • idcrisis for his Crossbreeder
  • ViPER520 for his ViPER4Android (zhuhang's Starter pack included in rom )
  • Iambgx02 for Seeder
  • MiUi
  • Chainfire
  • Sduzz
  • Bigwillyg
  • mrg666
  • Aman
  • 1ackass1
  • Helicopter88
  • Team Synergy
  • Ryrzy
  • Zepellinrox for his V6 SuperCharger

If we forgot someone just PM to us


We are not responsible for bricking/destroying your phone. Custom ROM comes with no warranty.

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3rd September 2013, 10:25 AM |#2  
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Known bugs:


  • 3D gallery
  • wifi (workaround: use wifi direct after each boot, after that wifi will work )
  • ??? Help us with debugging, we don't own a shooter!

To-Do list:


Fix Gallery 3D*


How to report bugs:

Write to the post these informations please.

  • Version of KERNEL/ROM
  • Type of installation
  • Possibly a Logcat/kmsg

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3rd September 2013, 10:25 AM |#3  
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Use only version 7 or higher !!!

ROM Changelog:
Version 11:
  • <*>Added KitKat BootAnimation</*>
  • <*>Added Keep WiFi on during night tweak</*>
  • <*>Fixed VoiceSearch</*>
  • <*>Added Remove Quick Launch bar from SystemUI tweak</*>
  • <*>Optimized PNG/JPG files</*>
  • <*>Added some tweaks</*>
  • <*>Updated some settings</*>
  • <*>Added youtube fix</*>
  • <*>Updated V4A</*>
  • <*>Repaired tweaks</*>
  • <*>Increased sensitivity of touch screen and capatitive buttons</*>
  • <*>Updated Zoneinfo</*>
  • <*>Modified Framework settings</*>
  • <*>Improved sound</*>
  • <*>Improved camera</*>
  • <*>Improved perfomance</*>
  • <*>Improved stability</*>
  • <*>Google Hangouts NOT CRASHING ANYMORE</*>
  • <*>Improved Smoothness / speed of the ROM</*>
  • <*>Added more Spns and Apns</*>
  • <*>Updated MIRAGE ( test ), Buttered Toast kernel</*>
  • <*>Script for workaround bug in MiRaGe Kernel</*>
  • <*>Fixed Camera launching</*>
  • <*>Fixed Virgin/CDMA/GSM App incompatible app bug</*>
  • <*>Updated all APPS</*>
  • <*>Fixed some Updater script bugs</*>
  • <*>Fixed Backlight Button bug</*>
  • <*>Reworked DB tweaks</*>
  • <*>Repaired cover album download, and playlists</*>
  • <*>Fixed Media scan bug</*>
  • <*>Added Anryl kernel</*>
  • <*>Now profiles do not work in Leedroid tweaks ( Better then FC of SystemUI :P )</*>
  • <*>Updated keyboards</*>
  • <*>Optimized all mp4 files</*>
  • <*>Optimized all bmp files</*>
  • <*>Fixed HTC Dock</*>
Version 10:
  • <*>Added new Howpathetic kernel ( more stable, 3D overclock )</*>
  • <*>Added Tweaks section in Aroma installer</*>
  • <*>Added No landscape rosie tweak</*>
  • <*>Added Leedroid Tweaks ( Thank you Ryrzy )</*>
  • <*>Removed non working Tweaks from Leedroid Tweaks</*>
  • <*>Added more features to ROM ( TV OUT, DockMode ) etc..</*>
  • <*>Totally rewrited tweaks ( Whole sctructure changed )</*>
  • <*>Totally Reoptimized DALVIK and VM memory management</*>
  • <*>Supercharged ( Thank you zepellinrox )</*>
  • <*>Added Google Hangouts from android 4.4</*>
  • <*>Totally fixed Media Scan</*>
  • <*>Some apps ported from VilleC2 RUU</*>
  • <*>Added Updater App</*>
  • <*>Changed to new rendering way</*>
  • <*>Removed files from my linux :D</*>
  • <*>CleanUped ROM</*>
  • <*>Improved Stability</*>
  • <*>Improved Multitasking</*>
  • <*>Improved Smootheness</*>
  • <*>Improved Perfomance</*>
  • <*>Optimized Crossbreeder Implementation</*>
  • <*>Removed Colising tweaks from Crossbreeder</*>
  • <*>Added EXT4 optimalisation</*>
  • <*>Added support for Virgin Mobile users</*>
  • <*>More support for CDMA users ( more ported files, wimax etc.. )</*>
  • <*>Added new Mirage kernel</*>
  • <*>Added my new DB tweaks</*>
  • <*>Removed conflicting tweaks</*>
  • <*>Replaced more stuff from VilleC2 RUU</*>
  • <*>Added Facebook photo fix</*>
  • <*>More Aroma Options</*>
  • <*>Updated all market apps</*>
  • <*>New Build.prop tweaks</*>
  • <*>Updated Viper4Android app</*>
  • <*>Repaired Build.prop for Virgin and Sprint users</*>
  • <*>Repaired lpa build.prop entries for V4A</*>
  • <*>New Aroma Skin</*>
Version 9:
  • Kernel installation from arom should be FULLY FIXED (Thank you for testing E-rrorCZ)
  • Added more volume steps for MEDIA.. From 15 to 30
  • Added more volume steps for RINGTONE.. From 7 to 15 (Thank you HeadFox)
  • Added more volume steps for ALARM.. From 7 to 15 (Thank you HeadFox)
  • Repaired Density changer script (Thank you for finding it Gkillerx
  • Repaired non functional 240p density in add mode
  • Added new Howpathetic Kernel
  • Repaired INIT.D tweaks for CDMA users
  • Repaired Build.prop tweak
  • Fixed MediaScan problem
  • Fixed WiFi hotspot connected users
  • Improved AROMA installation stability
Version 8:
  • Aroma repaired fro CDMA users
  • Added Beats icon to status bar
  • Added Audio control panel
  • Updated to helicopter88's kernel installation binaries
  • Added new Boot animation ( android default )
  • Cleaned ROM
  • Fixed WiFi error ( CDMA ) ? (needs testing)
  • Added Bootanimation from 1ackass1
  • Added EPST for CDMA users
  • Optimized Crossbreeder implementation
  • Fixed Crossbreeder entropy generator service
  • Optimized postboot script
  • Repaired installation of kernels via AROMA ( Installing via my script ). INSTALLATION IS NOW COMPATIBLE WITH 4EXT AND TWRP !!
  • Updated Mirage kernel
  • Improved Battery life
  • Improved Perfomance
  • Repaired ADOBE flash player
Version 7:
  • Updated core Dropbox and Facebook app
  • Optimized installing kernel code in updater script
  • Added new version of Howpathetic kernel ( v.3 )
  • Removed Frandom support from Mirage's kernel ( mrg666 has awesome urandom :D )
  • Cleaned post scripts
Version 6:
  • Fixed Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter implementation
  • Fixed SuperSu ( Newest version )
  • Added new and fully functional MIUI security (Yes, even autostart feature is working !!) ( Thank you Aman )
  • Fixed implementation of MIUI sec
  • Added new Splash Image :P
  • ADDED MIRAGE KERNEL (Thank you mrg666) builded by me (Newest Linaro)
  • ADDED FRANDOM SUPPORT to mirage's kernel!
  • CHANGED 3D gallery APP for Hi3D Lite
Version 5:
  • Really fully fixed whole AROMA installation process
  • Fixed Flash player
  • Updated T-mobile and O2 cz apn settings
  • ADDED Tobidale3D (3D gallery) for now
Version 4:
  • Fixed whole intallation process
  • Fixed Wi-Fi tethering
  • Fixed Panorama mode
  • Fixed crossbreeder implementation
  • Added new camcorder app icon :P
  • New version of Howpathetic's Kernel
Version 3:
  • Added Sense 4.1 and 4.5 Camera
  • Changed Sense 3.6 Camera icon :P
  • Changed version of AROMA to get install more stable
  • Added default choices in AROMA
  • Fixed clock settings
  • All apps updated
  • Fixed and updated all apps
Version 2:
  • Updated ViPER4Android
  • Choice between 2 Bootanimations in AROMA
  • Added Rosie Skins (Again in AROMA)
  • Fixed AROMA changelog
  • Fixed ROOT
Version 1:
  • Initial release


YAS4 v11 -> Firedrive


HBOOT 1.58 recommended
Please do not use our ADD/REMOVE features in AROMA on other rom.
Please do not mirror our kernel / rom. Thank you.




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3rd September 2013, 12:43 PM |#4  
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This is sweet. Cant wait to try. If you guys need an extra tester let me know!

Sent from my Evo 3D CDMA using xda premium
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3rd September 2013, 01:45 PM |#5  
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If u need another tester I'm down. And can't wait to try your rom

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3rd September 2013, 04:56 PM |#6  
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I am a cdma user with activated phone. I don't see any download links.

FYI if you don't have any links mods will lock this thread.

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3rd September 2013, 05:26 PM |#7  
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There is a link (first post titled Post #4) but it links to the GSM thread for this ROM. Obviously looking to get a CDMA version going and looking for testers and but might cause someone to accidentally flash a wrong version if not paying attention.
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3rd September 2013, 06:04 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by HappyBirthday

There is a link (first post titled Post #4) but it links to the GSM thread for this ROM. Obviously looking to get a CDMA version going and looking for testers and but might cause someone to accidentally flash a wrong version if not paying attention.

Thank you for that point. I repaired it .

I have now 4 testers, if I will not get answer from them till tomorrow I will release the TEST release for cdma users publicly.
3rd September 2013, 06:17 PM |#9  
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Thank you!
3rd September 2013, 06:37 PM |#10  
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Awesome thank you for this share can't wait to try it out .

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