Tutorial How to boot to recovery mode on Kobo Arc

Here's how to boot to Recovery mode on kobo arc:

Before you start:
Download SRSRoot for android:
http : // www . srsroot . com
Download Google android Drivers:
http : // developer . android . com / sdk / win-usb . html
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Your Computer
Your Kobo Arc
Let's Start:

Step 1:
Enable USB debugging in Developer options

Step 2:
plug in your device
Also make sure to have it PTP (Camera) Device

Open SRSRoot

Step 4:
Click ADB Toolbox

Step 5:
Click Reboot Recovery

Step 6:
wait for the ADB Server to start
If it says this you did it Correct:
---= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =---

[Current time] - Starting ADB Server..
[Current time] - Rebooting Device in Recovery mode
[Current time] - Operation: Done
[Current time] is your current time

here's an example:
---= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =---

8:48:37 PM - Starting ADB Server..
8:48:43 PM - Rebooting Device in Recovery mode
8:48:45 PM - Operation: Done

Step 7:
Your Done

Note: Repeat this to go back into recovery

This this Help?