Default OmniROM is amazing

I have two devices, a TF300T and a Nexus 5. CyanogenMod has been my daily driver on all my devices since CM9, but I decided to try out OmniROM (even if to my sadness that the 4.4 builds currently lacked multi-window).

I'm blown away by how great OmniROM is. With the Franco kernel, ART, and the latest OmniROM build my Nexus 5 boots in less than 10 seconds. Everything is faster and more fluid. I don't like stock 4.4 because I can't use Quick Toggles, but OmniROM is just the right amount of customization for my purposes.

Now, about that Multi-Window
(kidding, I know it's on the way)
LG Nexus 5 (OmniROM + Franco kernel) | Asus Transformer TF300T (OmniROM) | B&N Nook Simple Touch (Stock 2.1 rooted)
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