Default Moto G findings after 24 hours use

Sold my N5 (too big for me + build quality issues). Got a 16GB Moto G instead. Used it for 24 hours. Some quick findings so far:

- Screen: size is excellent for me. Just a bit smaller than my old GNEX. Screen is sharp and reasonably bright.

- Performance: of course it's not as fast as my N5 was, but I have to say it's impressive for this price. Multitasking with social apps, browser, Gmail, etc is no problem at all. Most of the time I don't even notice I'm down to 1GB RAM again. Can't really tell for heavy gaming, since I don't do that on my phone.

- Camera: definitely the weakest part in my opinion. Pics are under-saturated and not very sharp, especially indoors. The module make a rattle sound too when you activate it, giving it an awkward and cheap feel. No shutter soft key but a tap on the screen will take a pic (weird). Flash is nice and bright on the other hand. Let's say it will suffice.

- Stock ROM: good. Clean. Fast. Close to Nexus experience. The Motorola assistant app is a nice addon which I actually use. Built in sound effects & equalizer is also a nice touch. Two gripes: 1) the Motorola employee responsible for putting the non-removable carrier name in the status bar (aligned left, taking up most of the space for notification icons) must have been on drugs while he made that decision. It offers no benefit and annoys the hell out of people. Solve by rooting the device, installing Xposed framework and getting the MoDaCo toolkit module that allows you to get rid of it. 2) the stock AOSP keyboard won't let you download additional languages for text correction/prediction. Minor issue, solve by downloading the Google Keyboard from the Play Store.

- Battery: only one run so far, but I've been using Ti backup for restoring apps and have been configuring/playing with it for most of my 4 hour commute today plus normal usage (Whatsapp, social, news, etc). Still one third left in the tank.

- Speaker: no complaints here, but I have to admit I don't really care much for 'beats audio' and such on a phone speaker. It has to ring, and it has to ring loud enough. It does.

- Audio playback via headphones (tested with Sennheiser HD515): not bad at all. Playing with the sound effect settings pays off. No problems here unless you're an audiophile.

Overall: like most reviews out there state this phone offers very good value for money. I have to agree, 200 for this phone is a bargain. Would have gladly paid 50 or so more for a better camera though.
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