Default SD card does not set to primary using mini tool

Hi New member here. I have purchased Runbo X5 android phone version 4.0.4, ibut memory was low so i decided to get 32gb memory card. I have rooted my phone using framaroot, su, superuser and root verifier.

So i decided to get mini tools to partition my sd card, however when i set primary for second partition ext2 and click apply, it switches back to unallocated and logical. Mini tools does not allow me to set primary and even not allow create partition no more i get the message delete all partitions which i do then re apply but no success.

i used memory card reader and even phone connected in debugging mode > usb storage but no success.

anyone please?
Sometimes i have to erase (sd damged msg) the sd card on my phone so i can see it again on the computer (fat32).

at one point i had to transfer all data to phone memory with phone connect by usb and then transfer backup of files to sd on phone due to computer not seeing the sd card.

i only need to partition sd card so i can use link2sd app to full potential and remove the annoying low space msg.