Lightbulb [Q] No GSM Signals HTC Desire HD

My Desire HD was bricked so the JTAG method was used to unbrick it. Unfortunately, only the hboot was booting after the JTAG method (Android was not booting) so I flashed TWRP using AAHK2 and Flashed SVHD Custom ROM and the Android booted.
After the Android booted, everything was working fine (including Wifi and bluetooth) except the GSM signals. My SIM Card was detected but no signals were coming.
I wanted to ask that should I flash the Radio again or is it the fault of hardware? Help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance
My Work:

ROM: 1st Desire HD: Xperia KitKat ROM for Desire HD
2nd Desire HD: Unofficial CM11 Nightlies by Mustaavalkosta Android 4.4.2

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