Unhappy [Q] sdcard encrypted using Bitlocker on PC. Cant access sdcard now.. How?

Hello everyone.
I have encrypted my HTC Sensation XL using Bitlocker in Windows 8.1 Pro. After that, i have removed the phone from pc and tried to access sdcard which is unavailable. It says sdcard unmounted. I tried to mount it in the recovery and re try to access it in phone / in PC but cant do that.
Please suggest me any way to use my sdcard. I have important data which I cant loose. I think, using adb, we can pull files (all folder / sdcard) on to the computer? I dont know if we can do that. If so, please tell me the command. (remember, all folder).

Iam using the rooted HTC Sensation XL with HBOOT v1.28 and Recovery CWM 6.0.27 with 3Musketeers Insanely Cool ROM v3.0

Please help