Sign [Q] External battery - phone enters USB host mode instead of charging


I just got an external battery and tried using it with my phone, but it refuses to charge from one of the provided cables and enters USB host mode. On the other hand, if I plug in another of the provided cables it starts charging right away as if it was connected to the wall charger.

For reference, this is the battery I got: Genius ECO u306 ( If you look at the 3rd photo, you'll see an attached (red) cable hanging out. That one fails to charge my One, I also tried it with a Galaxy S5 and got the same USB host mode message, but when I connected it to my old Xperia X10 Mini Pro it charged normally. The battery also has one full USB and a micro USB port, and when I connect a cable from the full USB port to my phone (or the S5) it charges normally.

I got this battery so I wouldn't need to carry an extra cable with me, so it would really be great if I could disable USB host mode for this device, or when I want to use the battery. I also don't want to disable USB host mode completely, because I use my flash drive (OTG) with my phone from time to time. Does anyone know of a way to do this?


In case it matters I have an unlocked (and rooted and S-OFF) WWE One, with ARHD 53 (Android 4.4.2, SENSE 5.5), firmware 4.19.401.11 and TWRP