Default Can't restore EFS backup. Have succeeded partially.

So this has probably been asked before but I haven't actually found a consistent answer. My EFS partition is getting borked up a lot, but usually I was just able to get the phone up and running by copy pasting my EFS backup with ES File Explorer. This time, though, even if I did, the contents stayed the same. I mean, it said it was successful, but it hadn't really been. So I tried copying them over with terminal. No dice either. Then I tried with another file manager, and when I entered the folder, it showed a lot more files than it usually did, like nv2.bak . I read up and it said that was a backup of the nv_data, so I renamed it and the other .bak's there and deleted the old ones and it restored my baseband, but gave me a generic IMEI. I still can't copy paste my backup and since my network works even with the generic IMEI, I stopped fighting with it. But I'm worried it's just a bomb waiting to explode. Is there any method that could help me restore my backup, and any reason why this is happening? :/
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