Default [Q] Nexus 7 - CHUNGHWA Replacement Screens

Hey everyone,

So I've gotten a smashed up Nexus 7 tablet from a friend, who said I get to keep it since she already got a Dell Venue 7 as a replacement tablet. I was looking up for a replacement screen and found out that the LCD panel is bonded to the glass using a super adhesive which meant that it's nearly impossible to remove without damaging the LCD unit itself. So I was looking for a replacement unit with an LCD display attached, what I found was that a majority of the display units are manufactured by CHUNGHWA which was not the original display manufacturer for this tablet. So my question is, since CHUNGHWA seems to be popular and cheaper than getting the original HYDIS panels:

How is the quality of these CHUNGHWA panels? Are the colours good and the viewing angles comparable with the HYDIS panels?

As long as they're comparable, I don't mind getting a CHUNGHWA replacement panel.

Please let me know if you guys have experiences with these panels as I haven't been able to find opinions on these panels on the Internet other than people are selling these panels as replacement panels.

Many thanks,
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