Default Flash drives for OTG use

Hello folks,

I have been playing with OTG cable and various flash drives. I wonder if anybody found a 'perfect' flash drive that consumes least amount of power and plays media smoothly through OTG cable.

I have HTC One X and I tried with Sandisk USB flash drive (SDCZ60-032G-A46). It recognizes the drive, can play movies through MX Player without any tweaks, but the video is jittery. I did not look into power consumption. I have 3 other drives that I checked, didn't work (SDC-Z032AG-AC46, AUV128-64G-RBE, and 3 years old Kingston 16GB)

Until then if anyone found a perfect drive, would like to hear.

Thanks in advance.
(P.S. - The phone in question is HTC One X, unrooted)