Question android stick boots to linux, what to do?


I understand what buttons to press in order to flash things and have custom roms on my phones/tablets.

I have ug007, rk3066 with 2 usb ports.

THis time i tried putting finless ug802 ver1.8 with 2dark4u kernel on my ug007 stick. I'm told all the ug series sticks are the same.

I got the stick in flash mode and flashing seemed successful. When I rebooted the device, i saw the linux penguins and the startup countdown which stopped on mounting usb devices in the hub. and then it shows a prompt. No boot screen no android, just sit there and type it commands.

What went wrong please? What can I do now? I don't understand how to start the android from linux cli... but the fact that we get the prompt, did install go awry?

Thanks for your insights,

p.s. i ignored the question bit because i dont see stick computers q&a
Phone: Nexus 4 Avatar Rom (CM 10.1)
Samsung Focus Flash sgh-i677 windows 7.8 (rest in pieces)(garbage battery, garbage OS)
Tablet: Stock Nook HD+
Stick: UG007 (too slow! needs heat sink!)