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View Poll Results: Are you happy with your G2?
YES OH YES! 69 88.46%
No, my last device was better... 1 1.28%
Don't know, about the same as my last device 3 3.85%
I want a G2! 5 6.41%
Voters: 78. You may not vote on this poll

What's better with G2, and are you happy?

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Default What's better with G2, and are you happy?

What device were you using before G2, and what made you go for the G2?
What's the best single upgrade on your G2 from your old device? Speed? Camera? Sound?

I'll go first:

I came from Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000, which was a great phone. I just grew tired of having to charge at least twice a day no matter what. The G2 has amazing battery life, also it's faster (obviously) and that eases up on being annoyed by the constant lags of N7000. However, the speaker placement was kinda better on N7000 (back side), at least for when holding the G2 in landscape. My finger tends to block the speaker on the G2, never happened on the N7000. Also, ROM development is awesome on the N7000 (still), which is something I miss on the G2. Luckily Flex 1.5 is fast and stable, never had any problems. Knock on feature: Awesome! Button placement: Awesome! Also, camera on the G2 is an amazing upgrade from the N7000, and that what I think is best about upgrading from N7000.

I'll never look back.
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I came from an iPhone 4 and the reason I changed was to get out of Apple's ecosystem.
What opened my eyes for Android was that I bought a Chinese Android tabled and I was overwhelmed with the things I could do with it. Nobody forced you to run one specific software and you could overclock, underclock etc.
Then I realized which kind of prison Apple has put their customers in, and since it was time for a new phone (had my i4 since Q2 2011 and it was becoming laggy) I wanted something awesome.
When I first purchased my iPhone, it could handle virtually EVERY game, but as it grew older it started to lag even with simple games and the whole user experience wasn't as pleasant as before.
So when I was looking for a new phone, I had some requirements:

- Good battery life
- Display Density same as or over my old iPhone
- Good hardware

I really don't use my camera that much, so that wasn't a problem for me at all but it was nice to know it had a 13MP shooter with OIS.

My choices were boiled down to either the Note 3, LG G2 or Nexus 5. I disliked the XPERIA Z1 - no idea why.
I wanted the Note mainly because of the stylus and the split-screen, but it's size and price were a huge turnoff. The Note 3 was about $200 more than G2.
The LG had a nice screen, good size (albeit a tad too big since my fingers are relatively small), great battery life and a smooth UI - and it was cheap too!
The Nexus 5 was the phone I was wanting the very most prior to it's release - Stock android, timely updates and blazing fast. In Denmark, however, you can only get the 16 gb version and many reviews claimed that the battery wasn't really big enough. The Nexus 5 was priced equally to the LG G2.

I was quite unsure about the hardware buttons being placed on the back and the fragility of the phone, but I still purchased it. I haven't regret it (and I won't be doing that anytime soon) and it continues to amaze me.

I was uncertain about the "future-proof"-ment of the Snapdragon 800, but when I saw the announcement of the Snapdragon 805, I figured it wouldn't be that much of an upgrade to the Snapdragon 800 and that the next-gen 64-bit processors wouldn't come before late '14. I plan on keeping my G2 for another two or three years and despite the "slow" updates, I am seriously considering LG as my next phone as well.
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I came from nexus 5.

Main reason was battery and storage. I had 16 gb nexus 5 abs was able to sell it and get a 32 gb g2 for the same price.

Battery also lasts twice as long. On nexus 5 I averaged 4 hours sot on the g2 I get 4 ande still 50 percent left. Its Awesome. I also like the extra features. Stock on nexus 5 got kinda boring. If I want aosp I'll just flash a custom Rom

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i came from the LG G Pro AND the Xperia Z. i honestly loved my g pro but it was never loved by lg. With my xperia z i loved everything but after playing with the g2s camera i fell in love. Especially with the manual focus.

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Galaxy Nexus. Needed an upgrade. Wanted a N5 but wasn't available on Verizon and . Wanted a Note3 but too big and closed dev and no Qi. G2 was just too awesome.

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You left out the "I like peanut butter" option in the poll.
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I came from the GS3. I was a previous crack flasher on the GS3, because there was always a feature I wanted that was only available in custom ROMS. After having the G2 since launch, I've flashed a good number or ROMS, but ALWAYS go back to stock rooted. It has all the features, battery life and reliability I could ever want. I've never been content with any phone I've had stock, but I can honestly say this phone is perfect for me. For once I haven't even looked at what phones are going to be released, I could care less. I've found the phone that does everything I need and it has freed me from the constant wanting of a new phone.
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Came from a HTC One X.

Loved this phone, but w/ only 1 gig of ram, the experience wasn't as smooth as I would've liked. I'm a Sense fan and it was a little tough to give that up (I think i'm the only person who loves blinkfeed). When looking for an upgrade, I wanted the best processor I could find for the cheapest money (off contract). This phone was it. Best attribute of this phone has to be the battery. This thing is a beast and very innovative in the way it was designed. I'm also very impressed with the remote app. Very solid app if I say so myself. After spending a few days with this device, it makes my One X feel small in every way. I feel like I have found the device that I can truly stick with for long time.

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I have had a journey with cell phones and now I have ended up with the G2 and This device is a straight beast!

I got the iPhone 5S on launch day and then decided I wanted to go back to Android and I traded it for a Note 3. Note 3 really didn't live up to the hype and decided to go back with the 5S. Shortly I just realized how limited ios is and decided the only thing left to try up to the standard of those previous phones is the G2.

I feel this device is better than the N3 by a long shot. The way LG interface handles the OS is phenomenal! Battery life is a beast and I have experienced no lag at all. I haven't got involved with the camera too much but I snapped a few pictures and they have come out great. Installed Nova launcher and SwiftKey and I'm good to go!!!

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Well i came from an s4 and have to say the g2 is way bettery, brighter screen faster and way better battery life, only thing i a little annoyed with right now is my screen is cracked again.. i got my g2 from my father he had it dropped it and cracked the screen so i traded him my s4 and replaced the screen on it, well what do you know... it dropped off my night stand on the floor from 2 feet and cracked again... i like the little to no Bessie on the side but lg definitional needs to do something about its display, now it does not recognize touch on the lower half. i had a screen protector on and at 1st did not notice it was cracked, i would rather be able to use it with the cracked screen...

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